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Dave the Diver: most valuable items and how to sell them

Who doesn’t dream of finding long-lost treasures deep below the ocean waves? Dave certainly does in Dave the Diver. Alongside gathering tasty fish to serve up in his restaurant, he will also scavenge other valuable trinkets and materials hidden in the Blue Hole. At first, grabbing up anything shiny might seem enticing, but when you’re faced with inventory issues and don’t even know what to do with that piece of loot, you might think it’s a waste of time to even pick them up.

Don’t be fooled — there is a way to sell items in Dave the Diver, despite how unclear it might be in the game itself. Knowing what to sell and, more importantly, how will fill your pockets with gold you can use to further upgrade your gear and weapons. Here’s how to sell your items in Dave the Diver.

How to sell items

Selling soy sauce in Dave the Diver.

There are two ways to sell items in Dave the Diver. The first is available right from the start, but not one you should be using all that much to make money. Inside your restaurant, go into your Ingredients tab on the menu to see a list of all the seafood, plants, seasonings, and recipes you have. You can highlight any of these ingredients to sell for a small amount of gold. You’re much better off trying to use these in dishes than selling them for scrap, but if you’ve got some low-rank ingredients you’ve outpaced, you might as well unload them.

The shop you want to look for is Cobra’s Premium Shop, which you have to do a bit of legwork to access. Once you beat the “Where the Current Flows” quest, you can speak to Cobra on your boat before a dive in the morning or afternoon and access his shop to buy and sell valuables. Here is where you will buy things like oxygen capsules and temporary speed boosts from a rotating stock that changes each day.

Best items to sell

Selling items at Cobra's premium shop on a boat.

If you’re interested in selling any ingredients, then the best items to sell will change over time but generally come down to whatever you no longer sell or use in a dish. Again, this isn’t the best way to make money selling items, but is there as an option.

At Cobra’s Premium Shop, you have much more choice in what to sell. If you, like me, are paranoid that you’re about to sell some key or ultra-rare item you might need for something later, fear not. Each item that is completely safe to sell will explicitly say something about selling it or its value. If an item says it can be used to craft weapons do not sell it! Here are some of the more valuable treasures to sell.

  • Large Gold Bar: 500 gold
  • Gold Fish Statue: 300 Gold
  • Pearl: 100 gold
  • Silver Bowl: 50 gold
  • Starry Puffer Poison Sack: 50 gold
  • Red Lionfish Thorn: 20 gold

There are plenty of other, more common items that are worth just a couple of gold as well that you can sell in larger quantities so don’t only think you need to get the big-ticket items to make it worth your while. Pick up common items like glass and sell them in bulk for some easy cash.

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