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The Steam Winter Sale ends tomorrow, so don’t miss this fantastic bundle

The most wonderful time of the year is almost over. Steam’s Winter Sale ends tomorrow, January 4, marking the true end of the holiday season for gamers. Slashed game prices will then return to normal, so today’s your last chance to snag some great deals. I’ve taken advantage of it myself over the past few weeks, snagging games like Lunacid and Sticky Business. If you’re looking to snag one more great deal with your new Christmas money, there’s one bundle I can’t recommend enough: the Enhance Complete Collection.

This nine-item bundle collects every game by developer Enhance, as well as DLC and soundtracks for the four included titles. While that would usually cost $150, it’s currently discounted to $78. That might still seem high, but you’re getting a heck of a deal considering what it comes with.

The package contains four titles: Tetris Effect Connected, Rez Infinite, Lumines Remastered, and Humanity. Each one of those is a must-own on its own, especially if you love games that let you chill out and vibe to some good music. Both Tetris Effect Connected and Lumines Remastered, for instance, are both landmark musical puzzle games that every Steam Deck owner should always have on tap.

The crown jewel of the bundle is this year’s excellent Humanity (which made Digital Trends’ Game of the Year list). The trippy game has players controlling waves of humans by placing down commands for them to follow. It’s like controlling an ant farm full of little people. What starts as a simple puzzler turns into a surprisingly insightful exploration of humankind — both the good and bad of it all. If you just want to pick up that game without the rest, it’s discounted to $20 until tomorrow.

Humans shoot at a rival group of humans in Humanity.

The games alone would be worth a purchase, but the fact that the bundle includes soundtracks for all four really makes this a value. Lumines Remastered is full of earworms that you’ll want to listen to outside of the game and Humanity‘s atmospheric music is one of 2023’s most underappreciated game scores. It’s a strong collection overall, one that shows what makes Enhance one of the most exciting developers working today.

If you’re not looking to spend quite that much, there are a lot of other great deals you can snag before time is up. The World-Ending Women Bundle contains both the excellent El Paso, Elsewhere, and Slay the Princess for under $28, while the Dredging and Diving bundle contains both Dredge and Dave the Diver for just over $31. I’d also recommend grabbing this year’s standout Dead Space remake for just $24.

Whether or not you end up grabbing any of these, this is your very last reminder to log in to Steam and grab some games before the sale ends on January 4. You’ve been warned.

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