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Demon’s Souls remake might be a launch title, according to South Korean rating

The Demon’s Souls remake for the PlayStation 5 could be a launch title for the upcoming next-generation console.

Demon’s Souls, a remake of the 2009 PS3 title, was one of several games featured at the PS5 Future of Gaming showcase, which officially revealed the system and previewed some of its highlight titles. While gamers caught glimpses of gameplay and developers divulged more information after, release dates are among people’s most burning questions. However, Demon’s Souls might be set for a November release.

The game was officially rated in South Korea on August 13, making it the second Korean-rated PS5 game behind Spider-Man: Miles Morales, according to Gematsu. With Miles Morales being one of the PS5’s confirmed launch titles, this suggests Demon’s Souls may be destined for a similar launch date.

More evidence indicates a holiday release for Demon’s Souls, Gematsu points out. Traditionally, PlayStation titles were rated in South Korea two to three months before their release. Days Gone was rated in January 2019 before its April 2019 release, Death Stranding was rated in September 2019 preceding its November 2019 release, and The Last of Us Part II was rated in March 2020 before its June 2020 release.

Here is a fun little note on Sony Interactive Entertainment titles rated in Korea that lends more credence to the possibility of Demon's Souls being a PS5 launch / launch window title:

— Gematsu (@gematsucom) August 20, 2020

Demon’s Souls may be an exception here, but there seems to be a possibility it will release during or shortly after the holiday season. Games slated to release for PS5 on or shortly after launch include Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed: ValhallaRainbow Six Siege, and Madden NFL 21.

Deathloop was previously scheduled for a holiday release but has since been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While game details remain in question, including next-generation game prices, there is still information about the PS5 thatpeople want to know. The console is scheduled for a holiday release, though Sony hasn’t given an exact date yet, and while many expect the cost of the console to be in the $500 to $600 range, the price of the system hasn’t been confirmed.

There is a separate, disc-less version of the PS5, which was announced at the Future of Gaming presentation. Some expect this to have a lower price tag than the PS5 with a disc drive, though this has not been confirmed yet, either.

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