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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: The Fourth Horseman exotic quest guide

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is off to the races, bringing new activities and the returning Trials of Osiris mode back to the game. Bungie kicked off season 10’s second week with a new exotic weapon quest that’s now available to all players. The new quest adds The Fourth Horseman to the game, a four-barreled shotgun from the first Destiny game. Here’s what you’ll need to do to obtain the weapon.

Find Zavala’s vault

When you load into the game, you’ll get a notification to speak to Zavala. He’ll give you the exotic quest and ask you to head over to his office. As with the Leviathan’s Breath quest, you’ll need to find a new location in the Tower and complete a short maze. Use the stairs around the Tower to head to the lower level of the main load-in zone. Head toward the quest marker to Zavala’s fancy office.

Destiny 2 Zavala Office

If you’re blocked off by a closed door when you try to follow the quest marker, exit the Tower and load back in again.

At the back of Zavala’s office, you’ll notice a staircase in the back corner of the room. Head down and you’ll see a Vault, which you can’t open. Turn toward the staircase you came down and crouch down to walk under it and through a vent.

From here, you’ll enter a fairly straightforward maze where you’ll need to hop across gaps and climb up some shelves. If you ever enter a room and aren’t sure what to do, look at the ceiling to see if there’s a gap you can go through.

Eventually, you’ll drop into Zavala’s locked vault. Interact with the weapon crates at the back of the room and you’ll discover that the Fourth Horseman is missing. Return to Zavala with the bad news and he’ll send you out on your next step.

Complete public events on Mars

Head on over to Mars and speak with Ana Bray. She’ll ask you to kill Cabal and complete public events around the planet. For this section, you’ll have a progress bar, which is filled by doing either of those things.

While taking on Cabal might sound faster, it takes a lot of kills to hit 100%. Instead, we recommend doing Escalation Protocol. Each level counts as a public event, so you can clear this step in 10 rounds. If you kill Cabal hanging around the Escalation Protocol space and keep an eye out for public events like Injection Rig, you can blaze through this pretty quickly.

Head back to Ana Bray and she’ll give you one more quick step, which will ask you to loot planetary chests and kill Psions on Mars. Jump into some Cabal-themed lost sectors to find Psions, or just keep an eye out while you’re hunting for chests and you’ll complete this quickly.

EDZ checklist

Go back to the Tower and speak to Benedict 99-40. He’ll send you on another checklist-style step. This time, go to the EDZ and complete patrols, complete public events, and kill enemies.

The Seraph Tower activity counts as a public event, so we recommend heading over there so you can get some progress toward upgrading your Bunker. If you spot any patrols that ask you to kill enemies in the area, pick that up so you can work on all three steps simultaneously. This is very easy thanks to the game’s new activity, so use this as an opportunity to see how it works.

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – The Fourth Horseman – Exotic Shotgun Trailer

Complete the legendary Quarry lost sector

Head back to Benedict 99-40 and you’ll receive the last quest step. This time, he’ll ask you to complete the legendary version of The Quarry lost sector.

To do that, you’ll need to head to the EDZ Bunker and look for a console in the room. You can launch legendary versions of lost sectors from here. Unfortunately, these rotate, which means that The Quarry isn’t available every day. You’ll need to wait until it appears on the console to run this step, so keep checking back until you have the option to complete this.

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