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Destiny’s first big update since The Taken King arrives on April 12

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Last month, Bungie and Activision confirmed that no sequel to Destiny would be coming until 2017, but to tide players over, the game would see two major updates in 2016. The first, while not a proper expansion, would be larger than the Sparrow Racing League and other minor updates, and was set to arrive sometime in the spring.

In the most recent installment of This Week At Bungie, the company confirmed that the Spring Update — now known as the April Update — would be arriving on April 12. The update will be freely downloadable to anyone who owns the game and its most recent expansion, The Taken King.

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This will be the first major update Destiny has received since the expansion’s release last year, and while it won’t offer heaps of new content, it will bring new gear and an increased Light Level cap to keep players coming back. The April Update will also bring new PVE Challenges as well as Sandbox and Crucible updates.

There aren’t yet many specifics available about what new content the update will bring, but the company is teasing a new quest somehow involving the Blighted Chalice Strike. Fans who were hoping for a raid will likely be let down, but that was likely never in the cards for a free update.

While it remains to be seen how much content ends up in the April Update, hardcore fans can rest assured that the next update coming this year — a proper paid expansion — will provide more. Exactly how much the expansion will bring remains to be seen, but the wording used by both Bungie and Activision referred to it as a “large” expansion, which hopefully means at least the size of The Taken King.

Bungie has kept its cards fairly close to its chest about the upcoming update, but that won’t remain the case for long. Over the next three weeks, the company will be revealing more details about the April Update on its Twitch channel, bringing the artists and designers behind the game on to chat about what’s new.

The first of these Twitch streams takes place this Wednesday, March 23, beginning at 11 am PT. For more details, see the blog post or Bungie’s official Twitch channel.

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