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Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals: How to activate the heroic Contact public event

Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals may be lighter on content than previous updates, but it does bring a new public event to the fold called Contact. Like Season of the Worthy’s Seraph Towers, the Contact activity can be activated on different planets and will earn players some seasonal triumphs. Here’s what you need to know to master Contact, including how to activate the heroic version of the event.

The basics

To trigger the activity, open up your director and head to Io. You’ll see a large pyramid icon in the north of the map. Head to the marker and you’ll see a white circle on the ground. Interact with it to start the event. Anyone in your instance can join in.

Contact is essentially Gambit meets Escalation Protocol. First, a bank will appear at the event activation point. Then waves of enemies will begin to spawn in. When you kill an enemy, it will drop orange motes. Once you collect one, you can run back to the bank and interact with it to deposit it.

Destiny 2 Contact
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You can hold up to 10 motes at a time, though unlike Gambit, there doesn’t seem to be any advantage to depositing stacks. If you die, you will lose all the motes you were carrying, so play it safe while collecting.

The idea is to fill the bank with enough motes to hit 100% before time runs out. During each round, Taken “blockers” will spawn in. The bank will hide when blockers appear, so you’ll need to clear them out in the allotted time or the event will end.

You’ll need to do this four times. Each time a new phase starts, the enemies will be stronger. The recommended power here is 1040, so make sure you’re prepared, or else you’ll find that the event will become very difficult fast.

Destiny 2 Heroic Contact
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After you repeat this process four times, a boss will spawn in. If you can defeat it in time, you’ll complete the event and get some rewards. If you fail at any point, you’ll still get a chest with some planetary materials.

While the event only appears on Io at the moment, it will appear on other planets later in the season. Make sure to complete it on each to get a triumph.

Activating the heroic event

Near the middle of each round, an orange ring will appear somewhere in the area. When you go to it, you’ll find a Champion. These are powerful, yellow bar enemies that will start to regenerate their shields over time. Whenever you see one, you’ll want to focus your fire on the Champion until you take it down.

When the Champion dies, a bloom will spawn in, which appears as an orange ball. As soon as you see it, pick it up and deposit it in the bank. This will give you a large percentage boost in round completion, and it’s also necessary to activate the heroic version.

If you successfully deposit the bloom in each round, you’ll start the heroic public event. Here, you’ll fight a harder boss who’s a little more complicated than your standard version. At different points in the fight, the boss will activate a shield and become invulnerable. When this happens, look for a taken dome somewhere in the area. Head over and destroy the blight inside to break the boss’ shield.

If you kill the boss within the time limit, you’ll successfully complete the heroic event and get more rewards. There are a few different end bosses that can appear, so make sure to beat all of them to get a triumph.

Contact will disappear when Beyond Light hits on September 22, so make sure to complete this while you can.

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