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Sony reveals details for PlayStation5 launch title Destruction AllStars

Sony revealed new details about Destruction AllStars, including how the multiplayer, vehicular combat game works, and how much it’ll cost.

Developed by Lucid, Destruction AllStars will cost $70, adding to the list of next-generation games getting a $10 price jump from the standard $60. In a blog post, Sony also announced a digital deluxe edition that will cost $80. The deluxe version includes cosmetic items like skins, emotes, and an in-game currency used to customize vehicles.

The game is a PlayStation 5 exclusive and will release on November 12.

The game sounds like a mix between Twisted Metal and OnRush. Players choose one of 16 different characters and enter an arena where the goal is to smash other cars. When a player’s car is wrecked, they play as the driver, who can use parkour abilities and lure cars into traps.

Characters and cars have unique abilities that can be used in battle, which charge up like ultimate abilities in a game like Overwatch. Characters get abilities like invisibility or invulnerability, while vehicles can activate special weapons, shields, and buffs. Arenas are built with both vehicle and on-foot mobility in mind, and feature suspended platforms that players can vault up to. The game features both solo and team modes, with Sony saying that more modes and features will be added after launch. New updates will be free to all players.

The blog post emphasizes cosmetics as a major part of the game and features an in-game currency earned by playing games online. Sony didn’t specify whether or not the currency can be bought with real money as well.

Destruction AllStars was first shown back at Sony’s Future of Gaming live stream in July. Since then, the company has been silent about the game, even after announcing it as a PlayStation 5 launch exclusive earlier this month.

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