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Devolver Digital unveils a Zelda-like hybrid platformer and a glass skating game

As part of Summer Game Fest 2022, Devolver Digital hosted its own 30-minute showcase and delivered previews of a handful of titles to its fans. Viewers got a sneak peek at a few new games, along with more info on already-announced titles like Cult of the Lamb.

Devolver Digital is known for its special flavor of quirky, indie titles like Card Shark, the action role-playing Western Weird West, and the rouge-like deck-building game Inscryption. While Devolver didn’t have any major announcements, it had a handful of fantastic-looking titles up its sleeve. Here’s what was shown off during the stream.

The Plucky Squire follows the magical adventures of Jot who discovers a whole new world outside of the flat pages of his storybook life! Developed by @apossf.

Coming 2023
PS5 | XB S/X | Switch | PC

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) June 9, 2022

The game that stole the show is definitely a Zelda-like title called The Plucky Squire. The story takes a squire named Jot, who lives in a 2D storybook, and throws him into the 3D world outside of the pages.

This 2D/3D hybrid not only takes a bit of obvious inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series, but Punch Out!, shoot ’em’ ups, and a lot more — and it all comes together into a cute package. It releases in 2023.

Spread the word through the flock, Cult of the Lamb launches August 11!

Demo + Pre-Purchase on Steam
PlayStation | Xbox | Switch | PC

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) June 9, 2022

Cult of the Lamb is a game that caught a lot of attention at PAX earlier this year. In this game, you play as a lamb with the goal of building your own town and cult. To complete this goal, players have to go through a roguelike world, take on demonic creatures, and gather materials along the way. The game drops pretty soon on August 11, 2022.

Anger Foot is an ultra fast blast of shattered doors, broken bones, and crumpled energy drinks from @Free_Lives!

Coming 2023
Demo + Wishlist on Steam

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) June 9, 2022

If that isn’t over the top enough for you, there’s Anger Foot, a high-octane action game where players literally kick (and occasionally dropkick and shoot) their way through everything in their way. There’s also a lot of green blood and explosions. It releases in 2023, but a demo is currently available on Steam.

You are a demon, made out of glass and pain in Skate Story from @bysameeng!

Ollie, kickflip, and grind your way through the ash and smoke of the Underworld as you take on a seemingly impossible quest.

Coming 2023, wishlist now on Steam!

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) June 9, 2022

Finally, there’s Skate Story. A skating game about a glass demon who must roll through the underworld to complete his quest. Like many of the other titles of the stream, it releases in 2023.

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