Diablo 3 headed to consoles?

diablo 3 headed to consoles 3dlcIt still isn’t clear exactly when we can expect to see Diablo 3 other than the vague hopes of late 2011, but when it comes out, it may be on consoles as well as PC. The news is based on a posting by Blizzard on Gamasutra for a console producer, which was first seen by Tom’s Hardware.

The exact job post is looking for a “Senior Producer, Console Diablo III”. The job is full time with the Diablo team, and specifically requests that candidates have experience with console game development. The listing also requires a minimum of four years of experience in the video game industry, and candidates must have been listed in a senior producer role on “at least one AAA console title”(AAA titles are developed for the Xbox 360 and PS3, AA are Wii, and single A are for PSP and DS).

So it looks like Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers will have the chance to play Diablo 3! Someday, probably. Sadly, the post does not say what timetable the candidate would need to work under. Not that it should, but it would have been nice to read something like “candidate must complete work by November 15”, or maybe “candidate must be willing to work long hours until December 6”. All indications point to a 2011 release for Diablo 3, so here’s hoping.