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First 'Dota 2' campaign comes free with every Battle Pass purchase

Dota 2 is getting a cooperative, story-driven campaign, suggesting Valve is not done producing narrative content just yet. Players can gain access to the campaign, called Siltbreaker, by buying into the International 2017 Battle Pass. Although you can spend a lot on it if you want, the base-level cost is just $10.

Valve’s Battle Pass has been a hit with Dota 2 fans for years now. It offers masses of in-game content for Dota 2 and 25 percent of the money from purchases of the game goes to the prize pool for the annual Dota 2 world championships, otherwise known as The International. This year, as well as the usual visual upgrades and couriers, Valve is also giving buyers access to the Siltbreaker campaign.

Although as a MOBA, Dota 2 is focused on the player-versus-player multiplayer matchups, Siltbreaker will take things in a different direction and open an adventure for players to experience as they explore the Dark Reef. They’ll need to traverse dangerous and strange lands, battle fearsome beasts, and ultimately earn even more in-game rewards.

Since the campaign is cooperative though, you’ll need to work together with friends or online acquaintances to battle through the two acts that comprise the story. The first, Sands of Fate, is set to arrive by the end of May, with the second, A Vault In The Deep, making its appearance in July.

To gain access to the campaign, you’ll need to put down $10 for the Battle Pass, though of course you can spend much more if you prefer. While those with time to spare may like to earn their experience naturally through play, Valve also offers level upgrades that range from just a few dollars for a few levels, to $10 for a bonus 24 levels.

Buying your way to the top would get rather expensive though, as there are 1,000 levels to make your way through for those who love the grind. There are tons of new skins, sounds, taunts, and more to unlock this year. If you do make it all the way though, you’ll have the chance to receive The International 2017’s Collector’s Aegis, a real, one-fifth-scale alloy replica of the prize this year’s world champions will walk away with.

At the time of writing The International 2017’s prize pool has reached $4.23 million and according to PrizeTrack, is well on its way to beating last year’s total of $20.7 million.

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