EA Announces Seventh Camelot Expansion

When Electornic Arts acquired Mythic Entertainment last June, one of the properties it acquired was the long-running Dark Age of Camelot massively multiplayer online role playing game. Now, the giant video game maker has announced it will publish the seventh expansion pack for the MMORPG, dubbed Labyrinth of the Minotaur, later this year for the PC.

“I can’t think of any better way to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Dark Age of Camelot than with the release of a new expansion for the players,” said Walt Yarbrough, Producer of Dark Age of Camelot. “This exciting, story-driven content will bring new thrills to an already vibrant and thriving game world. There is no better time to be playing Camelot than right now!”

The expansion will introduce the Minotaur race to the Camelot game: half man, half bull, and strong enough to manage two-handed weapons in just one hand. In the game, the Minotaur represent and ancient race who have reappeared, and they seek help from players to recover newly unearthed ancient Minotaur Relics which are now corrupting the entire world. As players search for the relics, they can take advantage of a new player class, the Mailer, which can channel elemental powers of the earth, and journey deep beneath the Frontiers to solve the Labyrinth, the largest single dungeon in any MMO game.

Players who pre-order the Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion will receive an exclusive new pet, the Clockwork Kitten, to accompany them on their adventures. Think of it as a giant, metal-clad, wind-up panther. Daedalus would be proud.

Mythic plans to announce more details at the Roundtable Fan Gathering in Las Vegas in late September, 2006.