EA Announces Wii Fitness Game

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Mega video game publisher Electronic Arts has announced it will launch EA Sports Active for the Wii in spring 2009 (we presume they’re referring to the northern hemisphere) as the first is what the company is claiming will be a new line of fitness products. On the Wii, EA Sports Active will compete with Nintendo’s own Wii Fit, launched earlier this year, and will join a growing number of titles (including one from Jillian Michaels) designed to get normally sedentary video gamers up and moving around.

“EA Sports Active and our entrance into the fitness space is an exciting and groundbreaking milestone for EA Sports,” said EA Sports president—and former Xbox chief—Peter Moore, in a statement. “As we continue to expand our brand, we have a real opportunity to redefine the home fitness experience with a more Western cardiovascular approach and exercises that will appeal to a diverse audience, getting people off the couch and into shape while interacting with our products in a way never before possible.”

EA Sports Active will feature a virtual trainer and “30 Day Challenge” that will offer a new 20-minute workout every time a player exercises and offer a road map for players to reach their own individual fitness goals. Each circuit will offer different intensities, and focus on offering players positive encouragement and feedback on technique in every workout. Users will also be able to create their own custom workouts, and the game will support the Wii Balance Board to add additional functionality to exercises and routines. Exercises will target the upper and lower body, as well as offer cardio workouts. EA Sports Active will also support two players so friends and/or family can work out together.

EA Sports Active will be priced at $59.99—which EA wants everyone to know is less than a gym membership.

EA has not announced any details of additional products it plans to launch as part of a fitness line.