Every major game EA showed off at E3 2014

Electronic Arts is no stranger to E3 and managed to deliver a few surprises in its 60-minute press conference. There weren’t many huge surprises. EA leaked much what was expected in their E3 conference over the last few weeks.

EA released its conference list last week. Even so, its conference included Criterion Studios announcing a very-early prototype of its yet-to-be named next game. EA also released a downloadable beta version of Battlefield: Hardline available now on PS4 for everyone who owns a copy of Battlefield 4, as well as providing some concrete information on Mirror’s Edge 2. In addition to its sports staples like FIFA 15UFCMadden 15, and NHL 15, EA showcased of all the games listed below.

Updated 6-10-2014 by Joe Donovan: Added updates including all the information revealed at EA’s E3 press conference, links to individual articles about each game, and the official trailers.

Criterion Studios show rough demo of next game

The studio, best known for the Burnout Series, released a trailer that gives a behind-the-scenes look at its new first-person action game. The studio has lots of experience with racing and crashing, but its next game is more extreme than just cars. Think wing suits, helicopters, and hang gliders. The trailer didn’t provide a release date, but showed a variety of different vehicles and obstacles with the same emphasis on racing and crashing.

As of now, Criterion’s newest game has no release date and is still unnamed.

Battlefield: Hardline Beta available now

Yes, EA released a beta download of Battlefield Hardline. It’s available now for everyone who owns a copy of Battlefield 4 on PS4. As promised in the trailer, the urban cops and robbers vibe is at the heart of this game opposed to the war theme it tried champion in older versions. What’s unclear is how long the beta copy will be available to download, but EA hinted that it’s only allowing a certain amount of downloads. We’ll have a full hands-on with the new game later this week. The game is due out 10-21-2014.

More revealed about Dragon Age: Inquisition

EA also debuted a trailer for BioWare’s new title Dragon Age: Inquisition. Though, nothing major was revealed. Even so, EA explained some of the story of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The brand new title from BioWare is explained in-depth here. The debut trailer, however, was released at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Dragon Age: Inquisition is scheduled to hit shelves October 7 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (as well as some older consoles). We’ll have hands-on impressions as soon as we can.

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New environments for Mass Effect

EA didn’t release a new trailer for Mass Effect. It did, however, release a slick trailer that includes new details about the game including prototype images of new environments. BioWare’s producers hinted at new characters and scenarios and the new game will take place in a whole new region of space with a larger and more open galaxy than any previous entry in the series.

The trailer also revealed a completely new IP being produced in Edmonton. Judging by the amount of ambiguity in the trailer, both games could be more than a year out.

Watch the trailer for BioWare’s new IP and Mass Effect

Mirror’s Edge 2 promises an open-world style of play

EA announced a follow-up to Mirror’s Edge in 2013. And its press conference did expound on what exactly the sequel would feature. The main updates are with the game’s central character, Faith — who now has the ability to turn corners while wall-running by grabbing pipes. EA also hinted at more route variation.

EA didn’t provide a teaser trailer of gameplay, though. It did, however, show off a montage of interviews with DICE developers and early prototypes of gameplay. EA hinted at some important changes from Mirror’s Edge including what appears to be a focus on minimal design but didn’t really provide a detailed description of how the game would be different other than some deliberately vague quotes like “bringing faith to a new generation.”

For now, we’ll have to wait for a teaser trailer of gameplay. DICE has left us with some good ideas of what to expect, including an open-world style of play. DICE is collaborating with parkour artists, which leaves the impression of a bag of tricks to scale those walls. No word yet on a release date.

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Star Wars: Battlefront stays loyal

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson revealed in an investor call in early May Star Wars: Battlefront will make an appearance in the company’s E3 show. As was the case in 2013, after only a short trailer, the resulting take-away was that EA’s new Battlefront is still a way out. The trailer conveyed DICE’s desire to stay loyal to the core of the Star Wars universe. Most of the actual gameplay is still under wraps. Presumably the new game will continue with the well-loved series’ focus on large-scale multiplayer battles that combine both on-foot and vehicular combat.

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PGA Tour 2015

For 2015, EA dropped Tiger Woods. Eliminating one of pro golf’s most controversial personalities didn’t make the annual update any less interesting, however. Thanks toFrostbite 3, the search engine that powers EA’s biggest non-sports titles (including Battlefield 4), you’ll hardly miss Tiger.

The golf series update was much needed. And they’ve done it in the best way possible. Aside from the standard list of courses, PGA features a host of fantasy courses. One particular fantasy course allows you to play through an watery course abound with warships and explosions.

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The Sims 4 still has a pulse

We’ll be honest, Sims 4 will feel like The Sims 3. EA announced that, “for the first time you’ll be able to control your Sims hearts.” While mania for The Sims has run its course, EA seems determined to keep improving the series.

In Sims 4, updated Sims have the ability to remember scenarios from past days. They also have the ability to affect other Sims with sour or ecstatic moods. However, the most significant update is the ability to find other users Sims’ and download them into your world.

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