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EA Play Live 2020 event: Live news and announcements

Electronic Arts’ EA Play Live 2020 event is part of the Summer Game Fest, and it showed off a number of its biggest upcoming games. Star Wars: Squadron was announced ahead of the event, though the presentation had more in store for viewers than that.

Star Wars: Squadrons

A clip from Star Wars: Squadrons gives us a glimpse of explosive action within the upcoming Star Wars piloting game from EA. It looks to harness the nostalgic experience of Star Wars flight games. The game has online multiplayer, sports familiar characters, and offers crossplay in the style of many EA titles.

A Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay preview shows high-octane action and dogfights, as well as intense chases. Players can customize vehicles as well by adjusting various ship components. Players can also attack other ships strategically to compromise enemy spacecraft in particular ways, be it through firing at turrets or otherwise.

The game has multiple modes, including Dogfight, all of which require tactical maneuvering and skillful piloting while trying to wrench victory from the opposing team.

Star Wars: Squadrons comes October 2, 2020.

Full Steam ahead

Multiple games, including Titanfall 2, will head to Steam later this year. This comes after EA’s earlier decision to provide access to its games on Valve’s digital platform.

EA Sports return

EA’s sports titles will be getting their annual releases. This includes entries in the FIFA and Madden franchises, which will see updated graphics on the next-gen consoles this fall. The next installments will look more realistic than ever, with lifelike athletes and arenas for further immersion.

Apex Legends

The Lost Treasures collection event comes with season 5 of Apex Legends. With it comes Armed & Dangerous Evolved, which brings several improvements and additions. As with other events, it will bring a new cosmetic item. It will drop on June 23.

Two things are happening Apex Legends-wise this fall as well, including the addition of crossplay. A Switch version will also be dropping.

Lost in Random

In a dark land called Random, players take on the role of a little girl who travels with a friendly bipedal die as they battle randomness.

The game is graphically stylized and takes place in a cartoonish Victorian world. Random will come later this year and appears to be one of EA’s more eclectic offerings.

Rocket Arena

A third-person multiplayer Hero shooter, Rocket Arena has players using Heroes to blast rockets in several ways in a chaotic arena on current-gen consoles. Rocket Arena sports several colorful locales where players will duke it out using nothing but explosives.

Skate sticks the landing

A new Skate installment is coming. No details have been divulged, but it will surely compete with the other upcoming titles within the skateboarding genre, including a Tony Hawk remakes and Skater XL.

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