EA to Host Live Need for Speed Event

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Having already entwined the Need for Speed series closely with the real-life automotive scene last week with the launch of the Nissan 370Z in Need for Speed, EA edged even closer on Wednesday by announcing a real-life race event to bear the NFS name. Need for Speed Live will take place near London and feature racers from around the world.

The company envisions the event as part festival and part competition, with a dash of gasoline thrown in for good measure. It should take place (pending negotiations) at Brands Hatch Circuit on June 26, 27, and 28.

Besides the expected showcase of videogames and music in displays, Live will feature on-track drift demonstrations and a challenge that will pit the cars of different manufacturers against each other in a race to beat the clock. (Top Gear, anyone?)

More details will be available as EA posts them on NeedForSpeedLive.com.