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Get your zSilver ready: Razer now has it’s own online game store

Razer is now jumping into the digital distribution market with the launch of the Razer Game Store. The move shouldn’t be surprising given the company has its toes dipped into mostly everything gaming-related, spanning laptops, peripherals, controllers, and even a smartphone. Selling digital PC games makes perfect sense, and with Razer’s stamp of approval on each sale, you can be rest assured the keys you enter into Steam and Uplay aren’t fake or invalid as seen with other “discount” digital distribution platforms. 

The company set out to create an online store that rewards customers for every purchase. Benefits include earning zSilver, aka the company’s virtual loyalty credits, that counts toward the purchase of Razer peripherals, discounts, gift vouchers, and so on. For instance, you can get the Razer Atheris mouse for 91,500 zSilver, or the Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 headset for 128,500 zSilver. 

For starters, purchasing the vanilla version of Far Cry 5 currently costs $54, which will grant you 2,159 zSilver credits using a credit card or PayPal. Purchase the game with 5,399 zGold coins and your zSilver intake jumps up to 5,399 tokens. 

Razer’s zGold is a digital currency launched last year along with the zVault virtual wallet. You can use zGold to purchase goods on Razer’s storefront or other third-party services like GamersGate, Indiegala, and within supporting games. Overall, zGold are digital coins that, when used instead of cash, earn reward tokens (zSilver) that can be saved and redeemed for products or applied against purchases for a discount. 

According to Razer, your virtual zVault wallet can only hold 50,000 zGold coins, and only 200,000 zSilver tokens. You can purchase zGold coins in increments of $10 up to $100 worth of digital currency, or purchase coins in the following bundles: 

zGold  Cash price 








 That said, if you want to use zGold to purchase a $54 game, you need to purchase $60 worth of coins using the Custom Amount option in your zVault account. 

Meanwhile, every week Razer will pick four new games and slash their prices. As a launch bonus, pick any one of the four “Razer Exclusives” and get a $15 discount voucher for the Razer store, twice the zSilver earned per purchase, and a $10 Razerstore hardware voucher. This week’s specials include Far Cry 5 ($54), Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom ($54), Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ($24), and Assassin’s Creed Origins ($34). 

Here is a batch of other PC games currently discounted on the Razer Game Store: 

Game  Price 
Mortal Kombat X 


Mortal Kombat XL 


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 


Injustice 2 


Grand Theft Auto V 


Max Max 


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War 


Batman: Arkham Knight 


LEGO City Undercover 


LEGO Worlds 


Killing Floor 2 




The Evil Within 2 


 “The Razer Game Store sells only 100 percent licensed official keys,” Razer says. “We work with game publishers/developers directly to obtain their permissions and the keys that we are selling on this store.” 

The store is open for business now in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Head here to get one of 10,000 Steam keys for the indie game Furi as part of the launch celebration. 

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