Want to help make Evolve awesome? Then participate in the big alpha

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Evolve‘s Turtle Rock Studios has released a new video in which the developers discuss asymmetric multiplayer and the impending large-scale closed alpha test. Adam Sessler sits down with the two of Turtle Rock’s beardy men in the first of a video series discussing Evolve‘s evolution.

The first half of the interview focuses on the design thinking that went in to the game’s asymmetric design. Beyond the initial imbalance of four human hunters versus one giant monster, the range of human classes, drastically different monsters, and customizable perks creates an enormous, recombinant space of potential compositions for each match. This makes the game dynamic and unpredictable, but also incredibly tricky to balance such that no strategy becomes too dominant.

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The best way to tune that balance is through extensive playtesting, which is the goal of the upcoming “Big Alpha.” In the coming weeks more people will play Evolve than ever before, allowing fans to stress-test the system Turtle Rock has created and sniff out any potential exploits. If you weren’t able to snag a spot in the alpha, the developers will also be holding an open beta in January, 2015.

Evolve will finally arrive on February 10, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.