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The best Exosuits for each class in Exoprimal

Despite having a dinosaur-focused IP in its pocket, Capcom decided against reviving the old Dino Crisis series and instead launch a new dino-blasting IP in the form of Exoprimal. This multiplayer-focused third-person shooter is about as far from the survival horror-style Dino Crisis as you can get. Teaming up with squads of five to mow down unspeakable numbers of dinosaurs with guns, explosives, and melee weaponry. Naturally, no normal human could hope to survive such an onslaught, which is why you will don one of several Exosuits to grant you different weapons and abilities.

Split between three classes, Assault, Tank, and Support, there are three suits in each class to pick from, with Assault having one extra at four. If that wasn’t enough to wrap your head around, each specific Exosuit also has a variant to add even more variety. Picking a class is one thing, but each suit within that class is also going to impact your strengths and weaknesses, as well as how you fit into your team’s composition. If you’re ready to suit up and take down a couple hundred dinos, here are the best Exosuits for each class in Exoprimal.

Best Assault Exosuit

The barrage exosuit standing in the street.

Assault is a good class to start out with when first playing Exoprimal. This class excels at being the team’s main damage dealers, with different suits having close, medium, and long-range options to pick from. This class also has the most options for Exosuits at four, which consist of Dead Eye, Barrage, Zephyr, and Vigilant. If you pick this class, all you should be worried about is dishing out damage to whatever’s in front of you — dinosaur or enemy player.

While the Deadeye is probably the best early Exosuit in the Assault class since it is the most balanced of them, you will eventually want to switch over to the Barrage once you get comfortable with the game. Barrage is a heavy-weapons-focused Exosuit, specifically utilizing explosives such as grenades and mines, and flame rounds. You do need to be a bit closer to the action with this suit, especially to utilize his incendiary rounds, as long as you pick your targets, swaths of dinos will fall before they can touch you. The difficulty curve on this suit is his main crossbow weapon, but a little practice will make you every dino’s worst nightmare. If you’re feeling extra confident, you can use the Rocket Hop variant to take out the grenade launcher that you can perform rocket jumps with for style.

Best Tank Exosuit

A giant yellow exosuit with a shield.

You’re probably familiar with how Tanks function in games, and in Exoprimal they’re no different. You’re there to soak up damage and keep your damage dealers and support units alive. Of course, you’re not just going to idly stand there taking hits. Tanks are capable of dishing out plenty of damage on their own, depending on which suit you go for.

Of the three Tank suits to choose from, the one your team will be most thankful to have is the Roadblock. On the surface, this suit might appear to be the least fun when you see that it only comes with a massive shield and no real offensive tools to speak of outside of melee swings and one ranged cannon. However, that shield and heavy armor make you nearly unkillable, especially if your Support teammate is doing their job. By using your taunt ability, all the nearby enemies will come crashing into your shield and making them easy targets for your Assault buddies. If things get a bit too tight, you also have a Blast and Haymaker attack to create some space. The Fortress Shield variant grants you the ability to drop down a mounted shotgun that automatically fires as another distraction for your team.

Best Support Exosuit

The witchdoctor exosuit jumping in t he air.

The final class in Exoprimal, the Support class, is the most technical and important for your team’s survival. You will be in charge of both healing and buffing your squad first and foremost, with attacking being a third priority. This class requires you to have great communication and team awareness to ensure your team stays healthy and in the action.

Between the three options for Support Exosuits, we can’t recommend the Witchdoctor enough. This suit is the most agile of the Support suits, with the ability to deftly jump between allies to heal them as needed. Your primary weapon is just a basic stunnyrod of sorts, and should really only be used in a pinch. In terms of healing, they also have some of the most useful abilities, such as their healing zone you can place down which can repair multiple teammates at once, as well as an aimed repair shot. Or, if you go with their Duality Beam variant, you can repair teammates from afar by blasting them with a continuous healing beam.

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