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Experience the terror of Duck Hunt: The Movie

You know, when you think about it, that dog in Duck Hunt was a jerk. Always running away with the ducks, he was — and laughing, always laughing.

Still, we never realized how evil he truly was until we saw the opening entry in G4 Films’ Epictober Film Festival: The Hunt.

A dark, bloody take on the classic Nintendo light-gun shooter, The Hunt follows two hunters whose quest for game brings them face to face with a savage beast bent on slaughter. You can watch the 10-minute film below to get in the Halloween spirit (note: this video features some gory effects and at least one obscenity that definitely wasn’t in Duck Hunt):

The Hunt is directed by Sam Balcomb, and kicks off G4’s three-film series that continues tomorrow with director Drew Daywalt’s Kart Driver (guess which game that film is based on!) and concludes with Gregg Bishop’s The Birds of Anger.

No joke, we’d love to see an entry in the festival based on Donkey Kong. Just imagine the possibilities!

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