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Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage terrorizes the Commonwealth in this Fallout 4 mod

Fallout 4‘s Commonwealth wasteland can be  a dangerous place. Walk around any given corner, and you could easily find yourself faced with packs of ravenous ghouls, a vicious raider patrol, or a bellowing army of super mutants, among other threats. A new fan-made mod has added what might be the most terrifying wasteland denizen of all: former pro wrestling superstar Randy “Macho Man” Savage (via IGN).

The Machoclaws mod, created by NexusMods users AronaxAE and FancyPants, replaces Fallout 4‘s deathclaws — one of the series’ largest and most formidable foes — with a terrifying and gigantic wrestler, decked out in spandex shorts and his signature cowboy hat. He still shares the same general proportions of the deathclaw, however, along with its tail and horns, making for a nightmarish amalgamation.

(Fallout 4) Macho Claws

Machoclaws’ creators attributed its inspiration to musings while wandering around the Commonwealth wasteland: “When roaming through the commonwealth, I ponder many thoughts, thoughts like ‘Why do Molerats dig so much’ and ‘Why is this person stuck in a wall?’. Whilst pondering these thoughts, I always miss the lack of Randy Savage in game. Well don’t worry fellow traveler, for I have saved you, behold Randy in all his glory!”

The mod follows up on a similar addition to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, made by same people. Macho Dragon replaced the dragons in Bethesda’s blockbuster, open-world fantasy RPG with a similarly warped version of Randy Savage.

Although the Machoclaws mod is only available on PC for now, Xbox One and eventually PlayStation 4 gamers will eventually be able to get in on the fun, since Bethesda promised to bring mods to console platforms when it announced the game at E3 2015. Console mods were initially only confirmed for Xbox One at announcement, but game director Todd Howard subsequently confirmed that PS4 would follow suit.

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