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Sonic the Hedgehog gets his own music-based Wordle clone

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has always has always been known for its iconic music. Those tunes are so popular that a fan has created a Heardle for it.

Heardle is a musical variation of Wordle. Each day, players try to guess the daily song in the shortest amount of time possible after hearing a short snippet of its intro. In the regular version of Heardle, players have to guess the song within 16 seconds and you can only skip forward a few times. In Sonic Heardle, you can skipahead by 1.5 seconds with each try.

Twitter user Turquoise Coast created Sonic Heardle on Saturday per the request of a few fans, and the game has exploded in popularity ever since. Every day, players will hear the intro of a track handpicked from each Sonic game in the series, and have to guess the name of the track faster than the speed of sound — literally.

I've seen a few people request a Sonic Heardle, so I went ahead and made one

I'm not super experienced in HTML (most of this is remixed code from Joywave Heardle, whose creator made a helpful tutorial), so let me know if there are issues!#SonicHeardle

— Turquoise Coast (@LaughAndPeace11) April 16, 2022

Sonic Heardle doesn’t just feature famous Crush 40 tracks, like Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure or Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2, but also in-game tracks even the most devoted Sonic fans take for granted. Most of us will recognize the iconic Green Hill Zone theme from the first Sonic game or Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) from Sonic CD, but Turquoise Coast has added some tracks that are so obscure that hardcore fans can’t remember the titles. I’ve been a Sonic fan since the Adventure era, and even I couldn’t recognize today’s track from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Other gaming versions of Heardle and Wordle have cropped up as a result of the latter skyrocketing in popularity since January and after its acquisition by the New York Times. Squirdle, a Pokémon version of Wordle, tasks players with guessing the name of a Pokémon in eight tries instead of the usual six the original game allots, but still retains the five-letter restriction (even though plenty of Pokémon have names that exceed five letters). Kirby Heardle and Mega Man Heardle have been created on the heels of Sonic Heardle, but their tracks may not top the Blue Blur’s tunes.

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