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Far Cry 6 will taunt you with emails if you stop playing it

Anyone who has played Far Cry 6 and decided that they’ve had enough of Yara may find some condescending emails in their inbox straight from Ubisoft itself. The company is apparently sending out emails to anyone who has played the game (and subsequently made a Ubisoft account), taunting them into playing the game more.

A lot of games are already ruthlessly designed to maximize engagement, but now they email and hassle you if you dare to stop playing them.

— Brendan Sinclair (@BrendanSinclair) October 26, 2021

The emails, shown off on Twitter by GamesIndustry’s Brendan Sinclair, show that the massive developer and publisher sends emails mimicking the voice of Far Cry 6 antagonist Anton Castillo. The dictator tells recipients, “It was amusing watching you fail,” and also thanks them for “giving me free rein in Yara” if they haven’t put enough hours into the game. “Normalize letting people stop playing a game if they’re not enjoying it,” wrote Sinclair in response to the messages.

These emails, which are allegedly also sent if players do actively play the game, mark a fairly aggressive tactic from Ubisoft that tries to get players to keep playing. However, Far Cry 6 being a Far Cry game means it has a pretty long playtime. Taunting players if they stop playing a 60-hour game doesn’t seem like a good way to rope them back in. Rather, it feels like an easy way to annoy the people who have spent $60 on a brand new game.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this problem. Anyone who has purchased Far Cry 6 and is now being taunted in their inbox by Anton Castillo can simply unsubscribe from those emails. It’s a step that players really shouldn’t have to go through, but it’s the only one available.

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