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The original FarmVille is shutting down after 11 years

After 11 years, FarmVille is finally shutting down. The wildly popular farming simulator will close up shop on December 31, the same day browsers stop supporting Adobe Flash.

Launched as a Facebook game in 2009, the original FarmVille was built as a Flash application. Adobe will stop distributing the program at the end of the year, which means that the game won’t run on browsers after 2020.

The game will continue to operate in the meantime, with its in-app purchase shop shuttering on November 17. Refunds for any purchases will not be available after that date either. Players can still use any purchased items up until the game shuts down officially.

Zynga plans to keep updating the game up until it shuts down, and says it will hold new, unannounced activities before the game in the meantime. The developer says that current VIP subscribers will receive a special surprise on October 1.

Fans who migrate to FarmVille Tropic Escape will receive a bonus package as a thank you gift.

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