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FIFA 20 is out now, but Career Mode isn’t going over well with players

FIFA 20 Squad Battles

After being available early through EA Access and Origin Access, FIFA 20 has officially launched worldwide. The addition of Volta mode and reworked physics are certainly appreciated, but players have quickly taken issue with the game’s career mode — and the bugs they’re discovering.

Some of those who have jumped into FIFA 20‘s Career mode have begun complaining that teams have not been starting their top players, and they have had issues with conversations and press conferences. Others encountered issues where editing a player would cause them to change positions. This has happened to players even when all that was changed was something cosmetic.

If you jump into the mode and are new to the series as a whole, you might even be able to overlook some of these changes. DDuring our time with the game, we didn’t encounter anything game-breaking that raised red flags, but the most dedicated fans feel Career mode is now being treated as a tacked-on addition instead of one of the series’ main draws.

#FIFA20 Career Mode Review


Borderline unplayable mess. New features are so poorly implemented it destroys all the immersion that's fundamental to a franchise mode experience. Uncategorically the worst Career Mode ever released and it's not close. #FixCareerMode

— BMOnus???? (@BMOnusGamer) September 27, 2019

Others complained that Electronic Arts is devoting its resources primarily to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, which has been a hugely successful part of the game each year. This mode also features heavy use of microtransactions and loot boxes, so the publisher has a lot more to lose if it isn’t working properly for any extended length of time.

Twitter isn’t the only outlet players are using to vent or express their concern with the game. Some have taken to using Google feedback forms in order to better articulate or further expand on the issues in Career mode right now. There is also a thread available on the FIFPlay website where fans are sharing their thoughts, and it is flooded with complaints about the mode.

FIFA 20 is one of EA’s biggest games of the year, and the publisher hasn’t had the best luck with major launches as of late. Anthem, an ambitious action-role-playing game from BioWare, received scathing reviews, and plans for DLC have been slowing as the studio works to fix what’s already there.

FIFA 20 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The “Legacy” version, which is available on Nintendo Switch, uses the older Ignite engine, and lacks several modes.

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