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How to pressure Thunderclaw in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Chadly has a lot of tasks lined up for you in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Now that the world is far more open and explorable, you’ll have a ton of extra activities to take if you wish, but the first few are a bit more required. Aside from the usual tower climbing and item gathering, one task is to fight specific enemies with a series of requirements. The first one, which asks you to pressure a Thunderclaw, is more troublesome than it should be, even if you understand the system. Not to worry, because we’ve used the Assess skill to gather all the data on this foe to make pressuring it a breeze.

How to pressure Thunderclaw

A thunderclaw monster bio in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
Square Enix

Pressuring and eventually staggering enemies all comes down to exploiting their weakness(s). Normal attacks build a little stagger, and some abilities deal good stagger too, but if you don’t hit an enemy’s weakness at least a couple of times then you’re likely just to kill them before they become pressured.

For the Thunderclaw, it is weak against poison attacks, meaning you will need the Poison Materia to cast bio spell. Before you go running off to a Materia merchant, you already have one by default in Red XIII’s loadout. Either bring him into this fight or strip that Materia off him and give it to someone else to use. Once in battle, just use weak attacks to build up an ATB bar and nail it with a poison spell. It should only take one or two to get it pressured, and from there, you can easily get the stagger.

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