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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Integrade’s stand-alone story content will cost $20

Square Enix revealed new details on Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade‘s new story content, which will be available as a $20 stand-alone purchase.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade is the new next-gen update of last year’s Game Awards-nominated RPG. It features visual enhancements, as well as an all-new piece of story content. Square Enix previously noted that those who already own the game can get the upgrade for free (unless you downloaded the PlayStation Plus version), but they’ll need to buy the story content separately.

The new episode, titled FF7R Episode INTERmission, will be available as a stand-alone purchase for $20 starting on June 10. Players who purchase Intergrade itself will get the story content as part of that bundle. The standard edition costs $70 and a digital deluxe edition costs $90.

The blog post revealed new details about the update’s story and new combat abilities. The episode follows Yuffie as she infiltrates a Shinra facility to steal a piece of materia. Yuffie’s play style is a mix of close- and long-range attacks. She’s able to toss a big throwing star at enemies and attack with an elemental ninjutsu.

Yuffie has two new abilities: Banishment and Windstorm. Banishment deals damage based on how much of the ATB power gauge was spent before it is used, while Windstorm is a damaging area attack that draws enemies toward Yuffie.

Square Enix revealed the voice cast for the new episode, which gives a glimpse at the full cast of characters. In addition to Yuffie and Sonon, INTERmission includes characters like Weiss, Polk, and Billy Bob.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade hits stores on June 10 and will only be available on PS5.

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