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Under construction? 'Final Fantasy XV' glitch shows off unavailable locations

FINAL FANTASY XV Cartanica Glitch
Final Fantasy XV is already an enormous game, but it appears that Square Enix opted to keep its open world from being even larger — curious players have managed to access unused locations that could be a sign of what’s to come in the form of downloadable content.

On YouTube, user “Megl Siki” posted a video exploring the Cartanica train station, during which he jumps several times in a corner by a wooden crate until he manages to get on top of a nearby building. From there, it’s a simple leap of faith to reach a huge, previously unavailable section of Cartanica below. The area appears to be practically finished, as well, and we can see a car driving on a nearby road, though no enemies are visible. A collection of pipes leading to mining rigs and large buildings also make it pretty obvious that this was or is planned as a mission location.

The user added in a Reddit thread that the buildings in the area appear to be “unsolid,” which may be the only sign that the location isn’t completely finished, and that sections where the ground appears to be “blurry” can lead to an infinite loading screen.

A separate YouTuber user, “Fotm Hero,” uploaded a massive video showing off not only the unavailable Cartanica areas, but also a snow-filled section of Eusciello, Pagla, and the dark and brooding Tenebrae. The latter three locations are all pretty barren and unfinished, and the user notes that accessing any other areas will lead to another infinite loading screen.

Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari said last month that Final Fantasy XV‘s extra downloadable episodes would feature new, previously unavailable areas, and it now seems likely that these videos have given us a sneak peek. All three parts are available through the game’s season pass, which also contains additional armor, scrolls of music, and outfits.

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