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Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is the first step in a very long journey

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Demo Out Now! | PS4

Square Enix finally released the free demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake through the PlayStation Network on Monday, nearly five years after the game’s announcement. It gives players the chance to try out one of the game’s early iconic missions, and those who play it early will get a free bonus on PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out as a PS4 exclusive on April 10, and the first episode has been a long time coming. After bouncing between Square Enix and CyberConnect2, it went to Square Enix in 2017 under Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura, who took over the project.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo covers the game’s first chapter, which is the Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission. This mission was also shown during E3 2019, where Square Enix offered an extended look at the game’s new combat system. It features protagonist Cloud alongside Barret as they make their way into the Mako Reach 1 and plant a bomb before facing off against a boss.

“This pump’s sole purpose is to drain the planet dry,” Barret says in the trailer. “You’re going to stand there and pretend you can’t hear the planet crying out in pain?”

The two characters’ combat styles are quite different, just as they were in the 1997 original. Cloud relies heavily on melee combat via the Buster Sword, while Barret can deal damage from afar with a gun attached to his arm. Unlike the original game, combat flows in real time, but players can gradually build up points and then select special attacks from a menu in a nod to classic turn-based role-playing games.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Barret
Square Enix

Those who download the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo before May 11 will get an exclusive PS4 theme that unlocks when the main game launches a month earlier) and should be available instantly for anyone who downloads the demo after that date. Another dynamic Tifa theme will be available to those who purchase two Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, or Crunch bars.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is releasing episodically, and the first part only covers the story up through Cloud’s escape from Midgar. Despite the first game’s slight delay from March to April, Square Enix said the second part’s development wasn’t affected. It isn’t clear how many parts there will be in total, as the company has apparently not decided how it will cut up the rest of the content yet.

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Don’t skip over our 5 favorite minigames in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Fort Condor characters

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is not only a fascinating retelling of one of gaming's most beloved titles -- it's also among the most feature-rich games of this generation. From vast open areas to explore that teem with activities to densely populated cities and tense dungeons, there's at least 100 hours worth of content to uncover here if you've got the time and energy to complete it all.

As you work through the game, you'll find that a surprising amount of this playtime sees you engaging with minigames, both to advance the story and just for fun to earn optional rewards. And though there are a few duds scattered along the way -- we're looking at you Gears and Gambits -- most of the minigames you'll encounter offer a unique and enjoyable diversion for Cloud and friends. We've gone through a tough elimination process and decided on our picks for the top five minigames in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
5. Dolphin Course

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Like the best RPGs, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gets sidequests right
The mayor of Under Junon in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Among its many highlights, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth makes simple sidequests a lot more engaging than I had expected. Take an early-game sidequest called When Words Won’t Do. On a surface level, it’s a simple escort mission where players must get a dog from Under Junon to Crow’s Nest unscathed. I did not initially have high hopes for this sidequest due to the poor reputation of escort missions; thankfully, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth defied that fate. To make this optional content more worthwhile, Square Enix gave it a strong narrative backbone.

When Words Won’t Do is actually a story about parents struggling to let go of their kids. Under Junon’s mayor sends players on this quest to help her son and unborn grandchild, and Barrett wonders if he’ll ever be able to let Marlene go during the mission. That’s thematically fitting for an escort mission where you can’t keep something out of your sight.

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How long is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?
Cloud and his friends overlook a scenic field.

By expanding the Midgar section of Final Fantasy 7 into an entire game, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth finally takes us beyond the walls into the world beyond. This much larger swath of land to explore begs the question of just how big this game will be. Between all the open-world tasks, sidequests, and minigames awaiting in the Gold Saucer, could this game really be a 100-hour experience as was claimed? What if you just tried to focus on the main story to see what has or hasn't changed? We've played through the entirety of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and can give you a good idea of just how long it will take you to reach this chapter's conclusion.

Note: We will not be spoiling any story details, but will list how many chapters there are.
How long is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

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