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Square Enix and chocolatier Ferrero offer sweet deal on FFVII Remake Tifa theme

Square Enix teamed up with Ferrero for a promotion for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, with the unusual partnership offering a PlayStation 4 dynamic theme of Tifa, among other bonus content, for the highly anticipated RPG.

Starting March 3, which was supposed to be the game’s release date before it was delayed to April 10, purchasing any two Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, and Crunch bars will allow players to register online to receive Tifa’s dynamic theme.

The theme is based on an iconic scene in Final Fantasy VII, where Tifa is sitting on a water tower in Nibelheim, looking up to the night sky. The game’s official Twitter account shared the image back in December.

We're pleased to share more recreated artwork from the original #FinalFantasy VII in anticipation of #FF7R!

Here we have Tifa reminiscing about her childhood in Nibelheim, perhaps recalling promises made under the moonlight.

— FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (@finalfantasyvii) December 16, 2019

In addition to the dynamic theme, participating players will also be able to acquire in-game items. Players who buy two chocolate bars will get the Midgar Bangle, four will get the Shinra Bangle, six will get Corneo’s Armlet, eight will get the Superstar Belt, and 10 will get the Mako Crystal. The supply of these items is limited though, with only 100,000 available for the first one, 50,000 each for the next two, and 25,000 each for the last two.

The details of the items have not been explained, but they appear to be accessories that Cloud and his team can equip, probably for stat bonuses or more slots for equipping materia.

The promotion with Ferrero will run until May 14, but the availability of the in-game items will very likely not last that long after they become redeemable on April 10. Tifa’s dynamic theme is not limited though, and it is more than enough reason to buy two chocolate bars.

Tifa’s scene in Nibelheim is just one of the many iconic images that fans of the original RPG are looking forward to in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Another popular scene, Cloud’s cross-dressing at Midgar’s Wall Market to infiltrate the mansion of crime lord Don Corneo, was revealed in an earlier trailer.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake will bring back the original story’s characters, but the story will include major changes, including a SOLDIER named Roche who appears to have a grudge against Cloud.

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