Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets a release date and limited-edition Playstation 3

final fantasy xiii 2 gets a release date and limited edition playstation 3 lightning verYesterday, we got a look at the two new colors Sony will be rolling out for the Playstation 3, and now we have yet another limited-edition model to gaze upon.

Not only will the upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy XIII be hitting shelves in Japan this December, it will be accompanied by a sequel to the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition Playstation 3 that was released alongside the original game, too. Calling it the Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition Ver.2, the new PS3 model will sport another FFXIII-themed image on the standard black console and cost 37960 yen (around $494).

Both the limited-edition PS3 and the Final Fantasy XIII-2 game will be available December 15 in Japan. The game is then scheduled to arrive in the U.S. around January 31, 2012, and in Europe around February 3.

There’s no word on if/when the commemorative console will hit the latter two markets.

Personally, we’re holding out for a full-on Uncharted 3 PS3 to go with that desert-themed control pad. Make it happen, Naughty Dog.