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Sony unveils two new colors for Playstation 3

If finding a game console to match your decor is something that keeps you up at night, some news that preceded the Tokyo Game Show just might help you out.

During their pre-show press conference, Sony unveiled a pair of Playstation 3 consoles with new color schemes. The “Splash Blue” and “Scarlet Red” PS3 will both go on sale this November in Japan.

The 320GB models will sport the new color schemes as an alternative to the normal, sleek black versions, and sell for around ¥29,980 (US$390). There’s no word yet on when they’ll hit shelves in the U.S.

It’s worth noting that Sony isn’t the only console maker to “go red” recently, as Nintendo announced a similar “Flame Red” version of its Nintendo 3DS in early August.

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