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Latest ‘Fortnite’ update channels Halo with a scoped revolver

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Fortnite continues to be updated with new weapons, modes, and gameplay modifications each and every week, and there is plenty of new content to see when you boot the game up today. Update 7.20 adds a new weapon to the game, and it has us thinking about playing Halo: Combat Evolved with our friends on the “Blood Gulch” map.

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New to Fortnite today is the Scoped Revolver weapon, which allows you to take extremely accurate shots at enemies from long range without the need for a sniper rifle. The Scoped Revolver makes use of medium ammunition, can be found from floor loot, chest, vending machines, and supply drops, and it’s available in both Epic and Legendary versions.

If you are still looking to practice your skills with a traditional sniper rifle, this week’s limited-time mode “One Shot” is what you’ll want to play. It arms every player with Snipers and gives them each just 50 health. Gravity is also reduced and bandages are the only item available for healing, so taking just one shot should be enough to die in most cases.

Gliders, which had been available earlier in Fortnite before being removed after negative feedback, have returned to the game as a consumable item. Charges for the Glider will be available as loot and each Glider comes with 10 charges. If you launch yourself from a Launch Pad or a Rift-to-Go, you won’t consume a charge.

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Other changes have been made to a number of weapons in battle royale. The Minigun weapon now has an overheating mechanic that occurs after six seconds of automatic fire, but the windup time has also been reduced. The Hunting Rifle, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Suppressed Sniper Rifle, and Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle have all had their projectile trajectory matched with the Heavy Sniper Rifle, which should make it easier to go from one to the other.

For Creative Mode players, you have a few new goodies, as well. The Frosty Fortress is an arctic island complete with pre-made structures, and the Farmstead theme will help keep your mind off the fact that it’s still freezing outside.

Fortnite is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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