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Fortnite Fortnitemares challenge guide: Where to find and eat candy

Candy is the highlight of any Halloween event, and luckily, Fortnite has you covered with all the sweets you could hope for — if you know where to look. As part of its Fortnitemares event, you’re required to find and eat 25 pieces of candy in order to complete one of the seasonal challenges. It’s simple enough, but the game doesn’t tell you where to find candy, so you might need a little help.

In this guide, we’ll show you where the best candy spots are, how to eat them, and what they do. Here’s where to find and eat candy in Fortnite.

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Best place for candy

Candy can be found in many places around the map, but the easiest way to find some is to check residential homes. These can be found in places like Retail Row, Doom’s Domain, Holly Hedges — anywhere with houses. Of course, the places with more houses like Doom’s Domain will be busier, so it might be best to stick to lower-traffic areas like Retail Row. When you arrive, you should see houses with spooky Halloween decorations, indicating that there’s candy nearby.

At the front door, you should see a container of candy, so smash it with your axe and pick up the drops. You’ll likely get a few pieces here, so head inside and look for more in the kitchen. Then, move onto another house and repeat the process. After a few houses, you should have around 25. Keep in mind, if anyone in your squad eats candy, you get credit for it, so we recommend attempting this challenge in a team mode like Squads or Team Rumble. For maximum effectiveness, have your team spread out to multiple houses, so you all get credit for the challenge.

As for the candy itself, consuming it will sometimes grant you temporary abilities. For example, the Thermal Taffy will activate thermal mode, making your screen turn to black and white. Other pieces of candy will simply serve as a way to regenerate health or shields, so experiment with what you pick up! The video above shows the full process of us collecting and eating candy. Keep in mind, you don’t need to eat 25 pieces of candy in a single match — as with most challenges, this one is cumulative, meaning you can earn it across numerous matches. Once you’ve eaten 25 pieces (either solo or with the help of your team), you’ll gain credit for completing the challenge and earn the Midas’ Shadow weapon wrap. Make sure to equip it to show everyone what a sweet tooth you have!

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