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Fortnite season 4 week 9 challenge guide: Strike enemies with shockwave grenades

Season 4 week 9 of Fortnite has just gone live, and joining it are its new weekly challenges. This week, there’s one for knocking back three enemies with shockwave grenades — a task that is much easier said than done. The hardest part is actually getting your hands on the shockwave grenades since they don’t spawn as often as you might hope. In this guide, we’ll show you how to reliably acquire them and how to use them effectively in the heat of battle.

Here’s how to knock back three enemies with shockwave grenades in Fortnite.

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What are shockwave grenades?

Shockwave grenades are epic items that are used for launching enemies away from you. These grenades emit a powerful blast that can send opponents through buildings and other structures. Typically, you’d want to use them as a means to get away from an enemy who just got the jump on you. It puts tremendous distance between you and your foes, making it an ideal way of getting away safely. They’re often tough to track down and come in the form of epic rarity.

How to find shockwave grenades

It can be tricky getting your hands on shockwave grenades since they don’t spawn too frequently throughout the map. They do spawn in random locations as floor loot, in rare chests (as opposed to standard chests), vault chests, and from supply drops. From our experience, the least stressful way of finding them is to boot up a Team Rumble match (so you can respawn if you die) and land at one of the main hubs to begin your search. We like the area to the southwest of Stark Industries, just north of The Ruins, as this is usually a secluded spot with decent loot. In the image above, you can see a shockwave grenade on top of a trailer at the aforementioned spot.

Keep in mind, they typically only spawn two at a time, so you’ll have to find multiple drops to complete the challenge. Another great way to acquire them is from supply drops, which are plentiful in Team Rumble. Alternatively, you should keep a lookout for them to drop after you eliminate an enemy. It might be best to simply play normally and only go for the challenge when you find the shockwave grenades — because specifically trying to find them gets frustrating, due to their spawn rate. Either way, get your hands on them to begin the second part of the challenge — knocking back enemies.

How to knock enemies back with a shockwave grenade

After you’ve found some, track down an enemy player so you can knock them back. The idea is to throw it at their feet, but since enemies typically don’t stand in one spot, you might have to lead your throw a little. In the video above, you can see how we anticipated the enemy’s path and threw the grenade in front of them, rather than right at them. This way, they’d run into the blast so we’d get credit for the challenge. If you throw it at them while they’re running, they might run past the blast and won’t get knocked back.

It’s also a good idea to try throwing your shockwave grenade indoors, since they’ll have a higher chance of connecting with your opponent. Luckily, the blast radius is generous, but you’ve probably thrown and missed your shot before due to the enemy outrunning your shot. Do your best to not waste them — better safe than sorry in this case. Once you’ve knocked an enemy back three times (it can be the same opponent) with shockwave grenades, you’ll get credit for completing the challenge and earn 25,000 XP.

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