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Fortnite season 4 week 8 guide: How to drive a car through a rift

Fortnite‘s season 4, week 8 is live, and joining it is a new set of challenges for you to complete. One challenge requires you to drive a car or truck through a rift, which might be causing you some trouble if you don’t know where to go. Rifts are small portals that teleport you to the sky — giving you the ability to redeploy your glider to get to places quickly. They’re especially useful when the storm is closing in on you.

Typically, you’ll be jumping through rifts on foot. Going through one with a vehicle is a bit trickier, but in this guide, we’ll break down everything you’ll need to know about driving through a rift with a car or truck in Fortnite.

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Where to find rifts

Rifts spawn in fixed locations across the map, and, in total, there are close to 20 of them. They look like small, blue portals that you can reference in the image above. You can complete this challenge at any of their locations, but for the purposes of getting it finished quickly, we recommend you attempt it at a spot that features a rift that spawns close to a vehicle.

The one we recommend is in Misty Meadows, to the west of the bridge that leads to Panther’s Prowl. The rift is found right up against a hill and is out of the way from much of the action that goes on in Misty Meadows — making it a great option for attempting the jump. The image above shows its exact location on the map.

How to drive a car through a rift

Now that you know how rifts work and where to find them, you should be ready to drive through one with a vehicle. Land on the bridge on the west side of Misty Meadows, and you’ll probably see a car nearby. If not, look on the eastern side of this section by the fountain. Cars tend to spawn in a couple of different locations, but there’s always at least one in Misty Meadows. Once you’ve found one, drive it to the rift mentioned above and park right in front of it.

With this rift, in particular, it’s elevated — meaning you can’t simply drive through it, as you’d expect. Instead, you must build a ramp to reach it. To make it simple, build one ramp right in front of the rift so you can easily drive up with your car. There are some trees nearby you can chop for wood to make your ramp. No need to make any elaborate constructions with your resources here — one ramp will do. After you’ve got your ramp built (and assuming it’s in the right position), you should be set to drive up to it with your car. All you have to do is touch it with your car, and you’ll get credit for completing the challenge. If done correctly, it will teleport you to the sky. The video above shows the entire process from start to finish (wrecks and all).

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