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Fortnite season 4 week 7 challenge guide: Entering the vault in Doom’s Domain

While Fortnite‘s season 4 week 7 challenge for entering the vault in Doom’s Domain is no walk in the park, it’s certainly easier than many of this season’s challenges that involve defeating mini-bosses like Iron Man or Wolverine. To gain access to the vault in Doom’s Domain, you’ll need to get through Doctor Doom himself, first. That can be a tough feat to overcome, but we’ll walk you through every step of the way in this handy guide — including tips and tricks to make it as easy as possible for you.

Here’s how to enter the vault in Doom’s Domain in Fortnite.

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Locating and taking down Doctor Doom

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Before you can enter the vault in Doom’s Domain, you must get your hands on Doctor Doom’s keycard. As you’d expect, you can find the keycard by defeating Doctor Doom. This can be tricky because he tends to spawn in random locations. However, as we covered in the guide for eliminating Doctor Doom three times during season 4 week 1, he tends to spawn in the underground helipad beneath the soccer field towards the southern portion of Doom’s Domain. If he’s not there, he’ll almost always be found in the large mansion to the north on one of the upper floors.

To start, we recommend to land somewhere close to the soccer field in Doom’s Domain. As you hover overhead, try to get a peek to see if Doctor Doom is there. If he is, take a mental note and go find a few weapons quickly. If not, make a dash towards the mansion to the north. Assuming he’s at the underground soccer field and you have your weapons, try and take him out from afar. If you only have close-quarters weapons like a shotgun or handgun, see if you can find something with a bit more range like an assault rifle.

It’s best if you have your team help you take Doctor Doom down, as he’s quite tough. You can definitely eliminate him yourself, but the more teammates you have to help, the better. Once he’s down, run over to his body and there will be a keycard you can pick up. Make sure your team gets this before anyone else or you’ll have to down the enemy that grabs it to get the keycard back. Alternatively, if someone else opens it, you can get credit for entering even if you don’t down Doctor Doom or open the vault yourself, but you shouldn’t count on this happening.

The final tip we have is to disguise yourself as Doctor Doom’s henchmen by jumping into the telephone booth close to the statue in the middle of Doom’s Domain. This will help you get the jump on Doctor Doom, which will make it easier to take him down and grab the keycard.

Entering the vault

Once you’ve taken Doctor Doom down, run over to the loot he drops and grab the keycard. The vault is located in the underground helipad area beneath the soccer field on the south side. You’ll likely have to take out many of Doctor Doom’s henchmen to get inside safely. There’s a card reader on the left side of the vault’s door, so swipe the keycard and give it a few seconds to open. Once the door is open, run inside and you’ll find a ton of loot and you’ll gain credit for completing the challenge, along with 25,000 XP.

You’ll notice in the video above, everything went as well as it possibly could have. We managed to get a decent weapon, Doctor Doom happened to spawn right by the vault, no other teams were there to distract us, and we managed to get inside the vault with no issues. Typically, things won’t go this smoothly — particularly because other teams will likely be attempting to get inside the vault themselves.

If this happens, it isn’t the end of the world, as you can gain credit for entering the vault even if someone else opens it — but where’s the fun in that?! If you’re having issues, we recommend for you to give it another try, as the path of the bus and the location of the circle can dictate how busy an area will be. Always coordinate with your team if possible, and if all else fails, wait for someone else to open the vault for you and quickly run inside to reap the rewards (if there are any left).

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