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Fortnite season 4 week 8: Eliminating opponents while jumping or falling

Now that Fortnite’s season 4 week 8 is here, you’ll have a new batch of challenges to get through — hopefully earning some precious XP to complete your battle pass in the process. For the most part, week 8 is one of the most straightforward of this season in terms of difficulty, but one challenge in particular might cause you some trouble. Arguably the toughest of the week is the one that requires you to get eliminations while jumping or falling. This is a challenge that you might get credit for naturally if you play a lot — but specifically going for it is another story.

However, there’s a relatively simple way to get credit for eliminations while in the air, and it doesn’t require you to have pinpoint precision accuracy. With this method, you can complete this challenge with ease. Here’s how to eliminate opponents while falling or jumping in Fortnite.

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Easiest way to get eliminations while in the air

If you’re a “pro” player, you can probably line up your shot with a sniper, jump off a building (or bounce pad), adjust for bullet drop, and pull off an elimination in mid-air. Most of us … are nowhere near that skilled. Instead, there’s an easy way to get credit for eliminations while in the air. What you want to do is knock an opponent down by any means necessary. Assuming it’s safe, you can run over to the enemy and continuously jump up while firing off quick shots — making sure to only shoot while you’re in the air.

If done correctly, you’ll eliminate the enemy while in mid-air. Now, this method still requires a little bit of luck to pull off. Specifically, you’ll want to make sure the coast is clear when jumping around over the downed enemy. Doing this leaves you vulnerable, so you’ll want to build walls to surround yourself and the downed enemy for protection. Likewise, having your team watch your back while you secure the elimination is a great idea.

One major tip is to turn on the visualize sound effects option from the audio section of the settings menu. This will give you visual icons that appear when enemies are walking near you, or if they’re shooting, and you’ll get a notice of chests and vehicles that are close. It’s a useful tactic for all aspects of playing Fortnite — not just for completing specific challenges. It’s particularly useful for this challenge, though, as you’re able to tell if someone else is nearby when securing the elimination in mid-air. Check the video above for reference.

Finally, when jumping up and down next to the knocked enemy, make sure you tap the trigger to fire off short bursts. If you hold down the trigger, you’ll risk getting the elimination while your feet are on the ground, which will negate the challenge. Keep in mind, there are numerous ways to complete this challenge, but this method is by far the easiest and most reliable.

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