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Turn up the heat in Fortnite with our season 10, week 4 hot spot challenge guide

It’s another Thursday so you know what that means: the Fortnite season 10, week four challenges are now available! This week, the missions are called “Smash & Grab,” and they feature throwbacks to familiar challenges that we’ve done in the past. Despite being repeats, these weekly challenges are worth checking out — if not only for the unique (and terrifying) back bling reward that you can’t get anywhere else.

Fortnite season 10, week 4 challenges

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The new way Epic Games has been handling weekly challenges continues into this week. There are still seven challenges to complete, but once you’re through with them, you can then tackle the prestige versions of those same challenges … and they’ll be a bit harder. Completing all these missions is worth the additional effort as you’ll also get more rewards.

Smash and Grab challenges:

  • Search a chest within 60 seconds after landing from the battle bus three separate times
  • Land at a hot spot in three different matches
  • Deal 100 damage within 30 seconds after using a launchpad
  • Search two chests within 30 seconds of each other three separate times
  • Pick up a legendary item in three different matches
  • Search a supply drop within 10 seconds of it landing three times
  • Deal 200 damage to opponents at hot spots

Smash and Grab Prestige challenges:

  • Search a chest and an ammo box within 30 seconds of landing from the battle bus three different times
  • Destroy three loot carriers within 60 seconds of landing from the battle bus
  • Eliminate an opponent within 30 seconds after using a launchpad
  • Search three chests within 30 seconds of each other
  • Pick up three legendary items in a single match
  • Gather 100 of all three materials within 60 seconds of landing from the battle bus
  • Eliminate three opponents at a hot spot

Season 10, week 4 hot spot challenge tips

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As you can see, the hot spot in Fortnite: Battle Royale is quite literally the hottest spot this week as there are a total of three challenges that require you to go there. These challenges include objectives such as landing at a hot spot, dealing damage to enemies there, and eliminating opponents.

These are pretty standard missions that are pretty easy to complete together. Finding enemies isn’t a problem, either, since there are other players trying to do these same challenges.

We recommend that you complete the hot spot challenges in Team Rumble or one of the other big team modes. This is because these modes allow you to have more teammates so you can work together to take down enemies at the different hot spots.

If you are having trouble completing the hot spot challenges, be sure to toggle on the Party Assist feature in the challenges tab. This will ensure that your teammates can help you complete each of the three challenges this week.

What is a hot spot?

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If you were around during season 9, then you probably know what a hot spot is. But if you’re new to the concept, let us get you up to speed.

Inspired by Respawn’s Apex Legends, hot spots are locations on the Battle Royale map where you can find high-quality loot, along with loot carriers that fly around carrying items.

To find a hot spot, open up your map at the start of a match and look for a location that is glowing yellow like in the screenshot above.

The glowing location on the map is a hot spot and is where you need to go to complete these hot spot challenges.

Hot spots may not show up right away. Sometimes they will appear once the battle bus has left so if you can’t find the hot spot at the beginning of the match, give it some time before checking your map for a glowing location again. There is always at least one hot spot per match, and sometimes you might even see two to three.

How to complete the hot spot challenges

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The first hot spot challenge this week tasks you with landing at a hot spot in three matches. All you need to do is jump into a match, look for the glowing location on your map, and land there. You will have to repeat this process for an additional two matches.

You may want to leave a match once you’ve landed at a hot spot, but you can actually save some time by completing the second hot spot challenge while you’re there. The next challenge requires you to deal at least 200 damage to opponents at hot spots, and you shouldn’t have any problem finding any enemies to take down. 200 damage is equal to one player with full health and shields or two players with no shields.

Our suggestion is to land at the hot spot and immediately find the nearest weapon. Use that weapon to take out any opponents who have no weapons or before they can attack you first. A shotgun, the new Junk Rift item, or a Brute mech are the best weapons to use for this.

The third and final hot spot challenge asks you to eliminate three opponents at a hot spot location. While the difficulty on this is turned up a notch because it’s a prestige challenge, it goes hand in hand with your previous objectives. When you land in the three different hot spots in three different matches, make sure you pick up some gear and weapons, and eliminate at least one enemy per match. This will complete the last hot spot challenge on your list.

Season 10, week 4 challenges rewards

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Rewards work differently in season 10, as we mentioned in our Rift Zone guide last week. Instead of specific rewards for each challenge, you get rewards based on how many challenges you’ve done in a week.

Here is the full list of the Fortnite week four challenges rewards:

  • One challenge: 10 battle stars
  • Two challenges: 10 battle stars
  • Three challenges: 10 more battle stars
  • Four challenges: 5,000 experience
  • Five challenges: 10 battle stars
  • Six challenges: 10 more battle stars
  • All seven challenges: Exclusive back bling item
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