Fortnite season 6, week 10 challenges: Vehicle timed trials

Get ready to go fast and furious for the 'Fortnite' timed trial challenge

The Fortnite season six, week 10 challenges have arrived and veteran players familiar with Battle Royale will know that this marks the end of the season. Thankfully, you will have a good break this week to catch up on any challenges you’ve missed.

The week 10 challenges are pretty tame and familiar for the most part. The big one this week is the Fortnite vehicle timed trials challenge. Seasoned players will also recognize this as a returning challenge from a few weeks back. However, it is slightly different since this one requires you to use a vehicle.

Fortnite week 10 challenges explained

fortnite week 10 challenges vehicle timed trials

As always, you can check out this week’s challenges from the challenges tab of the Battle Royale lobby menu. As you can see, Epic Games considers the Fortnite vehicle timed trials to be one of the hard challenges this week. This is great considering the rest of the challenges are pretty standard and easy to complete. This one, however, is a nice twist on a previous challenge.

The last time we did this a few weeks ago at the beginning of the season, you had to do it on foot. It required building in order to reach all of the blue orbs. This same general concept is there but this time, we need to do it all from one of the vehicles. In order to complete this challenge in its entirety, we will need to get at least three timed trials finished.

That means that this will possibly take a few matches. But before we can even go over how and where to complete the Fortnite vehicle timed trials challenge this week, we will need to figure out where to find us some vehicles. For this, we will need either an ATK golf cart or one of the Quadcrashers. Either one will do for this challenge.

Where to quickly find a vehicle

fortnite week 10 challenges vehicle timed trials

There are a few different locations where you can find a vehicle for this challenge. The first is Tilted Towers but it’s one of the most popular landing spots on the whole map. It’s worth taking caution if you decide to head there. Thankfully, your risk is rewarded as there are a few vehicles lining the streets of the city. If you don’t want to be that risky, another good spot to head to is Lazy Links.

This golfing location has plenty of golf carts. If for some reason, neither of those locations are nearby, there are a couple of other spots that will do. You can head to Snobby Shores on the west coast to find some golf carts near the rich houses or you can, of course, visit the racetrack near Paradise Palms to find one of the many vehicles located there.

Fortnite vehicle timed trials explained

fortnite week 10 challenges vehicle timed trials

Now that you have a vehicle and know where to head to for this challenge, let’s dive right in and explain what it is that you actually have to do for this specific challenge. For it, you are going to have to complete three timed trials in total. They don’t have to be in the same match but they do need to be different locations each time.

Each location is designated by a blue timer floating in the air similar to the running version of this challenge back in week three. Simply interact with the timer when you are ready. When you do this, blue orbs will appear around the area and you must collect all of them before the timer completes. Do this and you will have finished one part of this lengthy week 10 challenge.

As such, we recommend that you attempt the Fortnite vehicle timed trials in a mode other than the standard Battle Royale mode. To be exact, we think it’s best to do this week 10 challenge in the new Team Rumble mode. This mode, similar to 50 versus 50, has two large sets of teams battle it out in a large scale battle. With fewer enemies and more teammates, it makes it easier to complete. Also, this is a great way to team up with friends and complete it together.

Fortnite vehicle timed trials location: Lazy Links

fortnite week 10 challenges vehicle timed trials

Though there are only three trials required to complete this challenge, there are six locations in total that you can choose from. Of the six, there are three that we recommend due to the low level of challenge and close proximity to one another. The first of these is found in Lazy Links. Start here first since it is home to one of the challenges and some golf carts, too.

Once you’ve grabbed a golf cart, head to the entrance of the gift shop to find the timed trial icon. Interact with it when you’re ready and you will see that a line of blue orbs will appear heading northwest. Unfortunately, you can’t interact with the timer on your vehicle so that means you have to quickly get off, interact with it, get back on, and then zoom off to race the clock.

You will need to collect all of the blue orbs before the timer runs out in order to finish the challenge. Thankfully, you can do it as many times as you need to during a match so don’t fret too much. It’s best that you use your first attempt to get a feel for where the blue orbs are located before trying it again. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to zip towards the southeast to Dusty Divot.

Fortnite vehicle timed trials location: Dusty Divot

fortnite week 10 challenges vehicle timed trials

Your next spot for this challenge can be found to the southeast near Dusty Divot. The exact spot you’re looking for is northeast of the crater and just to the east of the warehouses in the area. Thankfully, this timer is pretty easy to find since it emits a pretty big blue glowing pillar that can be seen from far away. Simply hone in on that glowing light and follow it to the timer.

Once there, interact with it and you will see the next set of blue orbs to collect. These are a little bit more scattered than the first part of the challenge so be sure to take your time with it. Once you have collected all of the blue orbs, it’s time to move to the third and final location for this Fortnite vehicle timed trials challenge. Thankfully, we won’t have to go too far.

Fortnite vehicle timed trials location: Retail Row

fortnite week 10 challenges vehicle timed trials

The final spot we recommend you go to is near Retail Row. If you are heading from Dusty Divot then all you need to do is head slightly southeast towards Retail Row. The exact location for this final timer is to the east of Retail Row, just off the road to the south of the RV park.

Once you have found it, simply hop off your vehicle, interact with the timer, and you’ll see the blue orbs you need to collect for this final part of the challenge. This one is fairly easy to figure out since the orbs are mostly in a straight line along the road. Just be sure to be careful maneuvering around these tight places between the two sets of rocks. After this, you will have completed this challenge, granting you 10 nice Battle Stars.

All other Fortnite vehicle timed trials locations

fortnite week 10 challenges vehicle timed trials

In case you find yourself on the other side of the map, we also have the other locations for this Fortnite vehicle timed trials challenge:

  • Paradise Palms: There is one location far to the southeast of the map near Paradise Palms. It’s just to the east of the city near the abandoned house.
  • Junk Junction: This spot is located to the northwest of Junk Junction. Look for the metal llama and you will find the timer right in front of it.
  • Flush Factory: For the final spot, head to Flush Factory. The timer here is found on top of the mountain just to the north of the factory.

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