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Fortnite season 6, week 3 challenges: Timed trials locations

Build your way to victory with our guide to Fortnite's timed trials challenge

Season six week three challenges are here in Battle Royale and the hardest this week by far is the Fortnite timed trials challenge. It tasks you with completing various time trials on the Battle Royale map during online matches. Essentially “races” of a sort, these tests require you to complete them within a certain amount of time.

This will surely be a difficult challenge considering you already have a limited amount of time before the circle closes and you’ll have enemies to contend with that may be trying to do it, too. Worse still, you have to complete more than one Fortnite timed trial in order to totally finish this challenge. However, you won’t have to worry as we have some tips that will help you complete the Fortnite timed trials challenge like a pro.

Fortnite timed trials challenge explained

Fortnite timed trials locations week 6 season three challenge
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The most difficult and lengthy season six, week three challenge is the timed trials one. It’s deemed as one of the few “hard” challenges by Epic Games this week and is unfortunately only available to players who own this season’s Battle Pass. Interested players can purchase the pass for 950 V-Bucks or just under $10 if they want to participate.

The timed trial is a race against time. You have to interact with a stopwatch icon to activate the trial and the clock. You have a limited amount of time to collect blue orbs before they disappear. Collect all of them in time and you will have finished a single time trial. However, you don’t just need one of them.

You will complete a total of three Fortnite timed trials during Battle Royale matches. Thankfully, you don’t have to finish all three in one match as that would be nearly impossible. Each timed trial takes up a good amount of time and can prove to be difficult when dealing with enemies trying to kill you. As such, here are some general tips we have for players taking on this challenge.

Fortnite timed trials challenge: General tips

Fortnite timed trials locations week 6 season three challenge
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There are five possible timed trials that you can complete in total. You only need to do three of them, so don’t worry about finishing them all if you don’t want to. We’ve said this before with other challenges like season six, week one’s “dance under different streetlights” but the best way to tackle this is in the 50 versus 50 limited time mode. This is due to how time-consuming (no pun intended) the Fortnite timed trials can be. Having up to 49 other people watching your back and around half the enemies as normal is important.

We recommend that you only go after the timed trials located on your side of the Battle Royale map. You don’t need a shopping cart or a golf cart since you totally have enough time to do the challenge on foot, however, you will want to build ramps and platforms to each blue orb. It would be a good idea to group up with some friends as they can be a huge help when it comes to building.

Don’t worry about failing. You can simply return to the stopwatch icon and start over as many times as necessary. The best way to do these trials is to start it, plot out your course with platforms, and then restart it to actually complete it. But first and foremost, you’ll need to know where the locations for the trials are.

Fortnite timed trials locations

Fortnite timed trials locations week 6 season three challenge
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Like we mentioned above, there are five trials in total and you only need three to complete the challenge. You can find the full list of all five locations below, along with their cardinal points. Thankfully, all five are in the same vicinity so you won’t have to go far if you are attempting to complete more than one.

  • Near Shifty Shafts: The southernmost trial is located southeast of Shifty Shafts. It can be found right near the edge of the large bridge.
  • Tilted Towers: You can find this trial located just to the south of Tilted Towers on the hill that has a small house.
  • Snobby Shores: This trial is found just east of Snobby Shores on the same hill as the villain’s lair.
  • Dusty Divot: This fourth trial is on top of the mountain just to the west of Dusty Divot and north of the nearby corrupted area.
  • Tomato Temple: The final timed trial is found on the western half of the main temple area in Tomato Temple.

Though you can certainly do any of those five, some are actually easier than others to complete. Below, you’ll find the three timed trials we recommend you do for this season six, week three challenge along with their exact locations and how to complete them.

Fortnite timed trials challenge: Snobby Shores

Fortnite timed trials locations week 6 season three challenge
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For this first trial, we are going to head to the villain lair located just to the east of Snobby Shores. You’re going to want to land on the very top of the mountain that houses the lair. You will see the blue glow of the stopwatch overlooking the open lair. When you are ready, face the edge of the cliff that overlooks the lair and start. You will notice that the blue orbs are actually already on parts of the lair.

For the majority of them, simply jump down and run around collecting them. However, two of them will require you to build platforms to reach them so make sure to chop down some trees beforehand and quickly build to the orbs. If you need to, activate it, build the platforms, and then start over.

Fortnite timed trials challenge: Shifty Shafts

Fortnite timed trials locations week 6 season three challenge
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This one is just a bit more challenging than the last one. Head to the orange bridge just southeast of Shifty Shafts. The stopwatch is located on the western end of the bridge. This timed trial takes place over the entirety of the bridge and you are going to want to interact with the stopwatch and build ramps up to the top of the bridge.

Go to the other end of the bridge and build similar ramps there as well. Once you have plotted your course from one side of the bridge to the other, interact with the stopwatch again and complete this second timed trial. Like the last one, make sure to chop down some trees and buildings to get materials. You’re going to need a little more resources for this one than the last one.

Fortnite timed trials challenge: Tomato Temple

Fortnite timed trials locations week 6 season three challenge
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We recommend you complete the final timed trial at Tomato Temple. This one is the easiest to find as all you need to do is head to the middle of the area. The stopwatch you need is found on the steps to the west that lead to the main temple. Before you begin, destroy as many of the trees and buildings in the area to gather materials.

This is by far the hardest of the three and the one that requires the most materials. All of the blue orbs are located around the temple, most of them floating in the air. They are split between the north and south ends of the temple. To complete it, build ramps to each of the floating blue orbs and then replicate your ramp design on the other side.

When you are done building platforms and ramps, return to the stopwatch. Pick either the north or south end and start there. Gather all of the blue orbs on that side and then proceed to the other side in a half-circle until you make it back to the starting position. The timing for this one is tricky but it can certainly be done with enough building beforehand.

Fortnite timed trials reward

Fortnite timed trials locations week 6 season three challenge
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The reward for the Fortnite timed trials challenge is pretty standard. The season six, week three challenge tasks you with completing any three of the five total timed trials. Unlike the multi-stage one last week, you have to complete all three before you get any rewards. However, you do get a great one upon completion.

Completing all three timed trials will reward you with 10 coveted Battle Stars. Those 10 stars are enough to guarantee you one tier level up in the season six Battle Pass. We are only in week three and there are 100 tiers in total so the reward for this challenge is key to moving up the ranks as fast as possible this season.

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