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Fortnite season 6, week 1 challenges: Dance under different streetlight spotlights

Floss your way to victory with this 'Fortnite' season 6, week 1 challenge guide

Season six has arrived in Fortnite battle royale so you know what that means: 10 new weeks of challenges for players to complete to get some cool, new rewards. One of the new Week One challenges is the Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge. This challenge is a somewhat lengthy one given the hefty number of objectives.

However, it is certainly worth doing so that you can inch even further along the season six Battle Pass that includes many different rewards such as the recently released pets. It will take some time as this challenge can potentially take a few matches to complete. We are going to do our best to make sure it won’t take too long, though.

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Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge explained

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

You can find it by tabbing over to the Week One Challenges tab from the Battle Royale lobby screen. From there, select week one and you will see all of the challenges available for this week. It’s worth noting that the Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge is a Battle Pass exclusive challenge so you must own the season six pass in order to access it.

You’ll be tasked with dancing under seven different spotlights located under specific streetlights. Not every streetlight counts for this challenge so you need to make sure that you are under one of the newly introduced ones.

The streetlights you are looking for are limited in number on the Battle Royale map, which is where we come in. What differentiates these special streetlights is that they have some large white speakers located just under the light itself. It also casts a spotlight down below it.

How to find the streetlights

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

The requirement for completing the Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge is seven, but there are actually more than that amount in total. The general rule for these streetlights is that they are typically near towns and named areas. Since they are located all over the map, we are going to focus on the ones closest together so that it doesn’t take you as long to complete.

We’re going to stick to the western half of the map but just like the recent puzzle pieces challenge, you’ll want to complete this challenge in 50 versus 50 mode. The storm takes much longer to close in so you have 10 minutes to really search around the map. There’s also fewer enemies to worry about, which means you can complete the challenge in peace and quiet.

Streetlights in Flush Factory

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

Let’s begin our search at the very southern edge of the map near Flush Factory. We aren’t actually heading to the toilet factory but to the warehouses located just northeast of it. There, you will find our first streetlight for this challenge.

It’s near the large warehouse that has the tall chimney-looking tower, right on the main road that goes through these buildings so it’s easy to see. Look for the white speakers as seen above and you’re good to go. All you need to do is get right in the middle of the yellow spotlight and do your favorite dance moves.

You’ll know that it’s worked if you see the spotlight start to change colors as you dance to the beats of the music. With that first one done, let’s continue to head northeast to Fatal Fields.

Streetlights in Fatal Fields

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

Next, continue northeast from the warehouses to the Fatal Fields area. There is a special streetlight located in the middle of the barns and corn fields. You can find it directly north of the ‘l’ in Fatal Fields on your minimap, right on the road, below the really long barn. Simply, dance underneath the spotlight and you will have your second objective completed. From here, we are going to head quite a bit to the northwest to Greasy Grove.

Streetlights in Greasy Grove

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

Head to Greasy Grove next. If you’re still in the same match and coming from Fatal Fields, head northwest until you arrive in the fast food-centric town. Go to the very center of the entire place. It is here that you will find the third streetlight.

This streetlight can be found right on top of the ‘y’ in Greasy Grove on your minimap. It is literally in the middle of everything so it isn’t too hard to spot it. Do your jig right under its bright light and you will have the third objective finished.

Streetlights in Tilted Towers 1

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

From Greasy Grove, travel northeast to the always popping Tilted Towers city. It is here that not only one but two of the streetlights are located. Since you’re coming in from the southwest side of town, go to the northwest streetlight first. It can be found on the northwestern edge of the city, right near the beginning of a mountain.

It’s on the corner of the street, right above the ‘e’ in Tilted on your minimap, beside a small pickup truck. Now it’s time to head to the opposite side of Tilted Towers also known as the southeastern side.

Streetlights in Tilted Towers 2

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

This second of the two streetlights in Tilted Towers can be found on the southeastern edge of the city, directly opposite the first. It, too, is near the corner of the street it’s on and near some parked vehicles. There are actually a lot of vehicles near this second Tilted Towers streetlight. Do your dance and you’ll be well over halfway done with this challenge.

Streetlights at the Soccer field

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

Time to head to the third streetlight near the city Tilted Towers. For this, however, it isn’t actually located in the city itself but just a short distance outside of it. You are going to want to head to the group of warehouses that are located due west from the city. It’s a little bit of a walk from Tilted Towers so make sure the storm isn’t too close.

Once you arrive, go to the soccer field positioned on the western edge of this small unnamed area. This streetlight is kind of odd, like the one in Fatal Fields, given that it isn’t actually located near a named area or a town. Instead, it is found here in this mostly remote area.

You’ll find it on the small road right in between the soccer field and a large warehouse. Do your dance right underneath it and you will have finished all but one streetlight. For this seventh and final streetlight, we are going to head to the northernmost one yet.

Streetlights in Pleasant Park

Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge

The last and final streetlight in the Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge can be found in Pleasant Park. Head due north from the last location. It’s a pretty significant walk so a shopping or golf cart will definitely help speed things up.

Alternatively, you could head to the odd crater between the soccer field/warehouses and Pleasant Park on the way. This new crater, which was added with season six’s release, was left behind presumably by the large glowing cube. There are little mini cubes that you can consume that turn you semi-invisible in this area.

While an invisible ghost, you can phase by pressing the left trigger repeatedly to quickly teleport to Pleasant Park in the north. Once you arrive, head to the northwestern area of the town. This seventh and final streetlight is located just behind a group of houses on a lonely little street. Do your final dance under its bright spotlight and this challenge will be completed.

Dance under different streetlights reward

The reward for completing the Fortnite dance under different streetlights challenge is a simple one. You get a whopping 10 Battle Stars for dancing under all seven of the streetlights. That is enough to guarantee a single tier level up in the season six Battle Pass. It’s great as it will get you one step closer to tier 100 and to nabbing some awesome rewards like new skins, pets, and more.

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