Fortnite ‘Search jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements’ challenge guide

Find all Fortnite's puzzle pieces in our week 10 challenge guide

It’s a bittersweet day around for all, as the Fortnite Battle Royale season five week 10 challenges have arrived for everyone. This batch of challenges make up the last bit of challenges until we reach season six, in a couple of weeks or so. One of the most important challenges in the group is the ‘search jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements’ challenge.

This odd week 10 challenge tasks you with finding seven puzzle pieces located solely in various basements around the Battle Royale map. Given that there are seven that you will need in order to complete this lengthy challenge, you will want to know the best locations to look for these pieces to finish the objective and collect its sweet reward.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces challenge explained

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

First and foremost, you are going to want to find the Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces challenge in the game. From the start menu, you are going to want to head to the Battle Royale lobby and navigate a few tabs over to the ‘challenges’ tab. From here, you will want to scroll all the way down to the week 10 challenges. Yes, this is the final week of challenges (outside of limited time modes and such) for season five.

For this challenge, we need to find seven puzzle pieces in total. That is a little higher number of collectibles to find than usual, making this a pretty lengthy task to complete. The challenge as a whole isn’t nearly as challenging as the recent Stone Heads challenge, but the sheer number of collectibles does make it take longer than most.

Unlike other challenges, like ‘visit the center of named locations,’ you don’t have to find all seven puzzle pieces in a single match. You can take as long as you need to find all of the pieces in several matches if you’d like. Still, it’s best that you attempt to do this challenge in the 50 versus 50 mode, as having a ton of teammates and less competition means that it’s less likely that you will die while trying to complete this.

Where to find Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

Thankfully, there are no seven specific locations that you have to find the Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces. It can be any basement,  and it doesn’t have to be in any specific order. As long as you find seven puzzle pieces in total, then you will be able to complete this challenge easily. There are quite a lot of basements on the map, but they can be hard to find if you’ve never visited or seen them before.

The Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces challenge is a great way to familiarize yourself with which basements are in the game, as it does require you to visit some locations that you might not normally go to. What’s even better is that most basements in a match also have a treasure chest nearby as well so if you’re fast, so you can even find some great loot in the process.

Don’t worry about missing out on Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces if someone gets there first. Anyone can visit the same basement and everyone will be able to get a piece. This lets you team up with your friends if you’d like and gather them together, which makes things easier. Also, grabbing a golf cart or shopping cart will make traveling from each location a breeze.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces: Snobby Shores

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

That said, there are seven locations that we recommend you head to in order to nab some puzzle pieces. They are relatively safe areas or because they are pretty close to other basements on the map. The first is in Snobby Shores. Using your compass, you are going to want to face north. The second northernmost house in the Snobby Shores is the one you want to head to.

This house has a basement that you can easily get to that also typically has a treasure chest to boot. The puzzle piece itself is blue and can be easily missed, so look carefully. When you find it, get close to it and interact with it like you would anything else. Now, onto the next piece.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces: Snobby Shores 2

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

There is another piece that can be easily found just south of Snobby Shores. There are two houses right next to each other that aren’t in the Snobby Shores area itself. The southern house of the two is the one that you want. Below it, there is another basement that is home to your second puzzle piece for this challenge.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces: Greasy Grove

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

For the third puzzle piece that you will want to find, we are going to head just a little further east from your current location. You are going to want to head directly into Greasy Grove. Once you arrive in this fast food-obsessed town, you are going to want to head to the main restaurant itself.

Though it can be a little difficult to find inside the large restaurant, there is actually a basement there. You are going to want to head to the very back of the building by the restrooms, where you will find stairs that lead down. It’s here that you will find your third piece of the puzzle. Interestingly enough, each piece you pick up is added to the puzzle right in front of you.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces: Greasy Grove 2

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

There is a second piece that can be found near Greasy Grove. From the restaurant in Greasy Grove, you are going to want to head south towards the noticeable hill on your map. There, you will find a small house that is located right on top of the hill. You are going to want to build yourself some ramps up it in order to reach the house. Head inside and down the stairs and you will have the piece.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces: Shifty Shafts

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

Now, we are going to want to continue heading east from Greasy Grove to the mostly ignored Shifty Shafts. We aren’t going to want to go down into the shafts themselves, as they don’t count as a basement strangely. Instead, we are going to want to go to the two houses that are just to the west of the named location.

Once you arrive at the two houses, you are going to want to pick the one to the south. That house has a basement inside and you can find the next piece of the puzzle down there.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces: Pleasant Park

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

It’s time to head up a little north for the sixth piece of the puzzle. For this one, you are going to want to head to the southwesternmost house in Pleasant Park as seen above. Go inside and you will be able to head down the stairs into the basement for this piece. With that one nabbed, we only have one more to go. Let’s head to the easternmost location in this challenge.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces: Risky Reels

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

For the final location, we are going to want to head much farther east than the previous locations to Risky Reels. The last basement we will want to head to is just to the southwest of the named area itself. If you have a hard time finding the right spot, there are two houses right next to each other that you will want to go to.

The house we need is the northern one that has a basement outside of the house itself. Break the doors open with your pickaxe and head down below. Grab this final piece of the puzzle and we will have completed this week 10 challenge.

Fortnite jigsaw puzzle pieces reward

Fortnite week 10 challenge: jigsaw puzzle pieces

Once you grab the seventh and final puzzle piece, the pieces will assemble right in front of you in the game and reveal that you were making a llama the whole time. With that done, you have completed the challenge and you will receive the always useful reward of five Battle Stars that go towards ranking up even higher in the Battle Pass before season five ends.

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