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‘Fortnite’ Season 6 brings pets, Shadow Stones, spooky areas, and more

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass - Now with Pets!

Fortnite Season 6 not only brings the spirit of Halloween but a feature we’ve never seen before in Battle Royale — pets! New challenges, creepy areas, a mysterious Shadow Stone consumable, and the chance to level up and evolve items with the new Save the World mini-game are just the beginning for the 6.0 update.

Whether you want a cute puppy or something a little more fantastical, starting this week, Fortnite has you covered with plenty of changes rearing to get us in the Halloween spirit.

Dog, dragon, and chameleon pets

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Three pets can be unlocked via the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass. There’s Bonesy the dog, Scales the dragon, and Camo the chameleon. They don’t actually help you in Battle Royale, but they will act differently depending on how you’re doing in a match.

New areas

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The purple cube that players have spotted recently seems to have caused some major changes to the Battle Royale map. Several new locations have been added, including Corrupted Areas, a Floating Island, Corn Fields, a Haunted Castle, and more. Perfect for getting into the spooky spirit as we head into October.

Shadow Stone consumable

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In the new Corrupted Areas located around the map, you’ll also find consumable called Shadow Stone that temporarily transforms your character into a ghostly new Shadow Form.

While in Shadow Form, you will be unable to use weapons but you’ll gain increased speed and jump height, along with the ability to pass through objects and invisibility when standing still.

Cram Session and Riot Husky

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Save the World is currently holding a mini-event called Cram Session where players can complete up to 10 Mini-Boss Mission Alerts to earn Gold and two drops of XP, Evolution Material, Perk-Up rewards, or RE-Perk.

A new enemy called the Riot Husk has also entered the landscape that attacks and blocks players with a refrigerator door as well as spawns elemental modifiers.

Vaulted Weapons

Five items were vaulted with the Fortnite v6.0 patch update, and it includes weapons such as the Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, Impulse Grenade, and Remote Explosives.


To make crossplay fairer for console users, changes have been made to matchmaking. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard setup on PlayStation 4, you’ll now be placed into a matchmaking pool with PC players, though PC players using a controller will stay in their standard pool. With keyboard and mouse coming to Xbox One as well, we expect something similar to happen on that platform in the future.

As of this week, all Fortnite players can now play together, regardless of console. Sony ended its holdout and launched an open beta for crossplay, though it’s currently the only game supporting the feature on PlayStation 4.

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