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‘Fortnite’ cube is burning runes in ground, messing with gravity

Epic Games has been doing some weird things in Fortnite as of late, from launching rockets into space to opening up interdimensional rifts. Its latest addition is a large purple cube, and it’s messing with the game’s battle royale map in some bizarre ways.

About a week ago, players noticed lightning strike while playing in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and after it dissipated, an enormous cube had been placed on the map and the cracks in the sky above had been removed. The cube initially perplexed players with its status effects, which could kill players who shot it or give them additional shields. They then noticed that an area around the dome appeared to alter gravity, making it lighter and potentially making it an advantageous area to defend during a match.

Naturally, that wasn’t the last we’d hear of the cube. It is now leaving behind creepy runes burned into the ground and it’s moving from location to location. It’s unclear exactly what the runes mean, but the cube has been moving about once an hour, and some keen-eyed players believe it will eventually destroy the Tilted Towers area of the map. This stems from the runes it’s leaving behind, which, when organized, appear to show the outline of the buildings in that region.

This would hardly be the first time an area in Fortnite has been radically changed by a phenomenon like this. Earlier this year, a meteor crashed and destroyed the Dusty Depot area, transforming it into Dusty Divot, which still exists today. This is certainly one way to keep the battle royale map feeling fresh, though we wouldn’t be opposed to Epic rolling out an entirely new map to go alongside it, as well.

Fortnite recently came to Android devices, and an exclusive skin available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 has even led some players to go to retail stores in the hopes of using demo phones for the purpose of unlocking it. We wouldn’t suggest annoying employees with this request, though we do understand the impulse.

In addition to Android, Fortnite is also available on iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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