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Fortnite challenge guide: Defeat a Spire Guardian

Fortnite’s season 6, week 12 is here, and, of course, it comes with a new batch of challenges for you to complete. For this week, the challenges are a little more in-depth than previously, but most of the objectives are still easy enough to wrap your head around. One of the more challenging ones requires you to take down a Spire Guardian, which is essentially a mini-boss found around the map. You’ve seen mini-bosses like these before if you’ve played previous seasons.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find these Spire Guardians and how to prepare to take them out, and we’ll also include tips for the battle itself. Here’s how to defeat a Spire Guardian in Fortnite.

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Where to find Spire Guardians


The first step is to actually find the Spire Guardians. These enemies can be found at — wait for it — the Spires. Season 6 once again modified the Fortnite map, and one of the most notable changes was the star-like formation in the center of the map. Each of the six points that branch off from the center has a Spire, and these locations feature a Guardian mini-boss. Reference the map above for more details (thanks,

In general, we advise landing close to a Spire, but not directly next to the Guardians since they will take you out easily if you’re unprepared. Instead, land close, get geared up, and then initiate the fight. The Guardians themselves spawn at the bottom of the Spires, typically, so you should avoid landing on the ground level. If you land right on top of the Spire, you can get a nice vantage point on the Guardian, but depending on the loot that spawns here, you might not be prepared enough to win the fight. That’s why we recommend landing elsewhere so you’re stocked up on gear. Once you’re ready, attack the Guardian.

How to defeat a Spire Guardian


As for the fight itself, if you take refuge at the top of the Spire while attacking the mini-boss, you’ll have a much easier time. There’s only one way the Guardian can get up to you, so hopefully, you have a shotgun or SMG available if the boss comes up to you. But, ideally, you should be dealing damage with a longer-range weapon from above. Ultimately, what kind of gear you have is down to luck, sadly.

If you don’t have the right weapons for the fight, we don’t recommend taking on the Guardian. So, if all you get is a pistol or a weak SMG, perhaps consider retreating to get better gear. The boss doesn’t have a lot of health but can deal high amounts of damage, so be aware that you might need to pull back if you aren’t geared up. The strategy is to shoot the boss from above, and if you need to, you can jump off the Spire to heal up. You can use the Spire as cover, which is really nice.

Once you take down the boss, you’ll complete the challenge and earn 24,000 XP for your troubles.

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