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Fortnite challenge guide: Hunt raptors

One of the new challenges as part of Fortnite season 6, week 7, sends you on a quest to hunt raptors. While the act of defeating a raptor isn’t too terribly challenging, finding them can be tricky. You might stumble across a raptor by playing naturally, while other players might struggle to even come across one.

Luckily, we’ve got all the details on how to track down and eliminate raptors to complete this challenge. Here’s how to hunt raptors in Fortnite.

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Where to find raptors

The map above shows the general locations of the raptors across the map (courtesy of Do keep in mind that raptors are living, breathing creatures, meaning they won’t stick to the exact locations indicated by the icons above. For best results, we strongly recommend landing near one of their spawns to get geared up before pursuing one. Then, explore within the general vicinity indicated above.

Try to plan your route based on the location of the storm. You don’t want to get caught out of bounds because you’ve spent too much time looking for a raptor. With that in mind, you should consider attempting this in Team Rumble, as you can respawn if you get eliminated.

It also helps if you turn on Visualize Sound Effects from the game’s settings. This will cause a visual indicator to appear on-screen when a raptor is close, helping you track its location.

Remember, for this challenge, you need to eliminate two raptors, but they don’t need to both be taken out in the same match. If you only manage to take out one, don’t worry — progress will carry over from match to match. The nice thing about this challenge is that raptors are predators, meaning they’ll aggro you, closing the gap and making them easier to see.

How to eliminate a raptor


Raptors are one of the harder new animals to defeat. They aren’t unstoppable but can hit hard and are relatively quick on their feet. That’s why we recommend coming equipped with a weapon for medium range, like an SMG or assault rifle, along with a close-range option like a shotgun.

Open fire on the raptor with your assault rifle or SMG as it approaches, and when it’s within range, swap over to your shotgun to deal high amounts of damage up close. If you have rockets or grenades, even better. It’s also smart to come equipped with full shields and health if possible, just to be safe. Finally, if you attempt this with a full squad, you’ll have an easier time, as they can watch your back and help deal damage to the raptor. Once you’ve eliminated two, you’ll earn 24,000 XP for your troubles.

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