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Fortnite overtime challenges: Search chests and ammo boxes at a racetrack and dance club

Loot and shoot some chests and ammo with our Fortnite Overtime Challenges guide

Fortnite season 8 has yet to arrive but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any fun going on in Battle Royale. Epic Games is thankfully filling the gap between seasons with overtime challenges. These began last week, with the most interesting challenge tasking players to jump into Creative mode and collect some coins. This week, we have a brand new set of overtime challenges to complete and if you want to finish them before this season’s over, you’ll want to tackle them soon.

These challenges are great for getting some experience and rewards that you can’t find anywhere else. This is especially important for players who haven’t reached tier 100 or their desired tier as the experience gained from these challenges still goes towards the season 7 Battle Pass.

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Fortnite overtime challenges explained

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

There are a total of 20 overtime challenges that you can complete. That is a ton to do but Epic Games has been good about releasing just a few at a time. Today marks the release of the final batch of overtime challenges and they’re all fairly simple to complete. There is one challenge that is a little confusing if you don’t know where to go.

That challenge takes you to a dance club and/or a racetrack. You will want to make sure to complete this if you’re looking for the overtime challenges’ exclusive and amazing reward. If you complete at least 13 of these challenges, you will get a season eight Battle Pass for free. This is a unique reward that has never been given out before. It’s great to get if you’re looking to save some real world money.

Fortnite dance club and racetrack challenge explained

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

This particular challenge tasks you with searching for chests and ammo boxes in a Fortnite dance club and/or racetrack. At a glance, that’s a seemingly simple task. The problem, of course, lies in finding the exact location of these spots.

The other problem is that you have to find seven of these chests and ammo boxes. That isn’t a ton and you can certainly complete this in one go but you do have to compete with other players. This can make finding the chests and ammo boxes a problem if you run into a ton of other players. Here’s where you need to go in order to find the dance club and racetrack.

Fortnite dance club location

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

First and foremost, let’s begin by finding the dance club location so we can start locating these chests and ammo boxes. Some veteran Battle Royale players may remember the location of this hidden dance club from previous seasons and it still exists, despite the changes to the geography of its area.

The dance club can be found in the southwestern quadrant of the Battle Royale map, the same area that was overtaken by snow and ice at the start of season seven. It is in a single warehouse building that is located to the east of Happy Hamlet and west of Fatal Fields. It is near the border of the snowy areas in the southwestern section and the grassy fields.

You can easily find the exact location of the dance club by looking at the whole Battle Royale map. On the grid-based map, you can find this dance club disguised as a warehouse in the northwestern corner of the E9 square on the grid.

Fortnite dance club: Chest and ammo box locations

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

You want to be careful when you arrive at the dance club, though. It’s one large area with a few bathrooms and smaller rooms on the sides, leaving you exposed for the most part. This can make searching for chests and ammo boxes a risky venture if a lot of other players show up.

We recommend you complete this specific part of the overtime challenge in the Drifters big team mode or whichever large team mode is available for you currently. This is to ensure that you have plenty of teammates on your side, and time to search for chests and ammo boxes. However, there is a negative to doing this challenge in a big team mode. Your teammates are likely also searching for chests and ammo boxes so you want to be faster than them.

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

The first chest can be found at the very back of the dance club where the DJ has their turntable stationed. It’s easy to miss since you can’t see it until you go around the turntable in the back. In addition, there are bathrooms and closets on both the left and right sides of the dance club. We recommend you head into any of these closets if another player has yet to go in because almost every single one of these rooms can have a chest and/or ammo box inside of it. While you might not get all seven that you need here, you should be able to get around half. The other half can be found in a different match or at the racetrack.

Fortnite racetrack location

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

If you don’t happen to find enough chests and ammo boxes at the dance club, you can leave and start a new match or try to complete the challenge in the same match by heading to the racetrack. If you decide to stick around and head to the racetrack, there are vehicles that you can easily find in this dance club area, which can be a big help for traveling to the next location.

This is because the racetrack location is on the far side of the map, directly northeast of Paradise Palms and just south of Lonely Lodge. It’s found in the desert, right near the northern border with the grassy plains. Its exact location on the grid-based version of the map halfway into the J8 square and J9 square.

There is one problem with heading to the racetrack that we must address. It’s so close to the edge of the map that you might miss it in the Drifters big team mode. You may need to visit this location in squads or solo mode if it gets swallowed by the storm, which is what happened to us rather quickly.

Fortnite racetrack: Chest and ammo box locations

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

The racetrack, as you can see on the map, is a huge area. It can actually make finding the chests and ammo boxes kind of tricky. First and foremost, you don’t want to waste time looking on the racetrack itself. You can waste a lot of time following the road and find little to no ammo boxes and certainly no chests.

Instead, look in the main buildings that are right next to the racetrack. There are three main buildings and areas; two on the left of the racetrack and a third to the right of it. These are the locations where you will find the chests and ammo boxes. If your experience is anything like ours, you will likely run into a ton of players also looking for them since this is such a well-known area.

We recommend that you head into any buildings and locations that you haven’t seen other players enter yet. This is so you don’t miss out on any chests or ammo boxes, and so you don’t get killed too early on. The chests and ammo boxes can be tricky to find as many of them are hidden behind stuff or on top of shelves and around corners.

You can use our screenshots to find just some of the chests and ammo boxes in this area. If you don’t happen to find enough to complete the challenge, that’s fine. All you need to do is start another match and do it again.

Fortnite dance club and racetrack challenge reward

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

The reward that you get for completing this challenge is a simple one. If you find at least seven chests and ammo boxes in total, you get 500 experience, which probably isn’t enough to level you up. However, that’s not a big deal because if you just complete 12 more of these overtime challenges, most of which are pretty easy, you will get the first ever free season 8 Battle Pass.

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