Fortnite season 7 overtime challenge guide: Collect 15 coins in Creative mode

Get creative and collect 15 coins with our Fortnite overtime challenges guide

The first ever Fortnite overtime challenges are now available for players everywhere on all platforms. That’s right, we’re one week past the release of the week 10 challenges but season seven still isn’t over yet. Epic Games doesn’t seem to be ready to show off whatever season eight has in store, releasing it towards the end of this month.

In the meantime, though, you don’t have to sit around twiddling your thumbs in anticipation of all of the upcoming changes in season eight. In fact, you can still complete the challenges from season seven if you haven’t done that yet. But if you are done with those, then you will not want to miss out on these overtime challenges because they come with a special reward we’ve never seen before.

What are overtime challenges?

fortnite overtime challenges free battle pass collect coins creative mode

Like any good football game, these challenges take us into overtime for season seven. While we expected it to end following the release of the week 10 challenges, that isn’t actually the case. Season eight won’t be starting until the end of February. Whether or not this is intentional or Epic had to move things back because of unforeseen circumstances is unclear.

New overtime challenges will be added this weekend and next week in the place of typical weekly challenges. The rewards that you get from completing the overtime challenges mostly include experience, which is good for players who haven’t reached tier 100 in season seven yet.

You can find the overtime challenges by heading to the main Battle Royale lobby and tabbing over to the Challenges tab. If you complete thirteen, you’ll walk away with a free season eight battle pass, a unique reward that we’ve never seen before in Fortnite!

Collect hidden coins in Creative mode explained

Fortnite Overtime Challenges Guide
Better snag a plane and get moving because we’re heading to creative mode.

While most of the challenges are pretty standard like dealing damage and finding chests, there is one that is pretty unique and hasn’t been done before. This overtime challenge tasks you with finding and collecting at least 15 hidden coins in Creative mode. This can be really confusing for players who have never dabbled in Creative mode before.

Essentially, Creative mode is the free-for-all Minecraft-esque mode in Fortnite. You have your very own private and persistent island in the game that you can edit and create to your heart’s content, either by yourself or with a group of friends.

This island can then be shared with the rest of the world while you can also check out other players’ worlds. Some of the coolest and best worlds are featured for everyone to see. There are about three to five of these that are featured at one time.

This overtime challenge has you visit any of the featured islands in Creative mode and collect 15 coins in total. As of right now, there are around four featured islands but this could change in the coming days. We have some tips so you can collect the right number of coins and be one step closer to that free Battle Pass.

How to enter Creative mode

how to enter creative mode fortnite overtime challenges free battle pass collect coins

First and foremost, you will need to know how to enter Creative mode if you’ve never checked it out before. All you need to do is head to the main Battle Royale lobby and change your mode in the bottom right corner as usual. Select Creative and then enter. This will take you to an island hub of sorts. There will be many stone pillars around you.

The middle one will take you to your specific island while the others are currently featured islands. If you approach one of these rocks, you will see a quick description of the island. Not all of them feature coins so you will want to pay attention to the description. The ones you can get coins from right now are Kate the Cursed’s Battle Royale solos, Dungeon Prison 2, and Move! by Tollmolia.

Those are the three you should focus on. Approach the featured island you wish to jump into and you’ll see a button prompt. Ignore that because all it does is let you enter a specific island code to have that appear there instead. All you need to do to enter that island is run through the rift that is found right by the name of the island.

Fortnite overtime challenges: Where to collect coins

fortnite overtime challenges free battle pass collect coins creative mode

Dungeon Prison 2 seems a little buggy and confusing so we don’t recommend that one right now. We figured out the parkour segments but it takes a bit of time so we recommend passing on this one right now if you just want to complete this challenge. All three of these featured islands have 10 hidden coins in them but we only need 15 so there is some flexibility.

We do recommend Kate’s BR solos and Move. These two are relatively simple and have 10 coins for you to find. The coins on Kate’s island are a little bit harder to find but it’s a fun trip regardless. Move! is one we recommend to everyone. This featured island is on the far left side. It’s the easiest to collect coins from and there is a little cheat for it as well.

When you load into the Move! featured island, it’s sort of like a Frogger minigame inside Fortnite. There are obstacles and vehicles moving fast, and you have to navigate around them or die. There are 10 coins throughout the level that you can risk your life to collect as you avoid the vehicles. It’s a little tricky but you do have infinite respawns so don’t worry too much about dying.

Tips for collect coins fast in Creative mode

fortnite overtime challenges free battle pass collect coins creative mode

The first four or so coins in this level are extremely easy to get, as seen in our screenshots. However, it is worth noting that we experienced a bug with this featured island when we first entered it where we weren’t able to pick up any of the coins. If this happens to you, press start to open up the main menu and leave the match.

Another weird issue we had across all of the featured islands on console was starting these levels. You aren’t able to easily click on it and it won’t disappear so what you need to do is wait a few seconds then press start to open the main menu and manually select “start game”. If it doesn’t work the first time, try a couple more times and it will disappear from the screen.

fortnite overtime challenges free battle pass collect coins creative mode

You can actually use these strange bugs to your advantage. As we mentioned, the first four coins in Move! are extremely easy to get. The first is directly in front of you, the second takes a simple jump over the vehicles, and the third and fourth are roughly the same. However, you can currently farm these same four coins over and over until you complete this challenge.

All you need to do is collect the easy ones, press start to open up the main menu and leave the match. This will take you to the main Battle Royale lobby screen.

Reenter Creative mode and go back to that same featured island and you’ll be able to collect those same coins once again. We were able to successfully do this twice and complete the challenge in addition to the other coins we found on other islands.

Fortnite overtime challenges reward

Fortnite Overtime Challenges Guide free battle pass

The reward for this particular challenge is only 500 experience but if you complete 12 more challenges in addition to this one, you will receive a free season eight Battle Pass.

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