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Fortnite season 7, week 10 challenge guide: Score 5 or more at the shooting gallery

Hey, sharpshooter! Our guide to Fortnite's shooting gallery challenge is here

It’s finally here — week 10 and the bittersweet end to season seven of Fortnite Battle Royale. This was an extremely eventful and wintery season. While we don’t currently know what the next season will bring, we do know that Epic Games is making sure this season goes out with a bang, arriving with some extra great challenges.

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The Fortnite week 10 challenges this week are all worth completing, especially the ones for those who have the Battle Pass. But there is one particular challenge, a returning fan favorite, that is by far the most exciting and interesting of the bunch.

Fortnite week 10 challenges explained

fortnite week 10 challenges fortnite shooting gallery locations
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As usual, there are seven challenges for players to tackle this week. Three challenges are available for free players and four challenges for those who own the season seven Battle Pass. If you want to know what challenges are happening this week, all you need to do is check out our screenshot above.

While there are a ton of good challenges, nearly all of the really good ones are exclusive to the Battle Pass, unfortunately. So, if you’re reading this and, for some reason, don’t have the Battle Pass this season, we don’t actually recommend you get it. That’s because a brand new season will be starting either next week or the week after so you might as well wait to buy it.

As for those of us who are Battle Pass owners, the most difficult challenge this week is the Fortnite shooting gallery challenge. This will likely be familiar to veteran Battle Royale players from several seasons ago. Let’s take a look at the locations you need to visit in order to complete it.

Fortnite week 10 shooting gallery challenge explained

fortnite week 10 challenges fortnite shooting gallery locations
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For those who did the shooting gallery challenge previously, thankfully, this week’s spin on it isn’t an exact copycat. Instead, it’s more like a ‘greatest hits’ version. That’s because you don’t have one gallery to visit but three.

While this makes the challenge a little more interesting, it also makes it more difficult as it takes longer to complete. That’s where we come in. Unlike the Ice Storm challenges we covered, we recommend you do this in whatever big team mode is currently available. At the time of writing this, that mode is Team Rumble.

It’s a mode that we recommend you do the latest challenges in almost every week because it gives you a good amount of time to explore the map before the circle closes completely.

You also have fewer enemies to worry about, more teammates watching your back, and, of course, respawns. Unfortunately, there is one caveat worth mentioning. It will, unfortunately, take you, at the bare minimum, three matches to complete this challenge. This is because Epic Games decided to break up the challenge into three stages and you only unlock each stage after completing the previous one and leaving that match.

Fortnite week 10 shooting gallery locations: Wailing Woods

fortnite week 10 challenges fortnite shooting gallery locations
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For the first match, head to Wailing Woods because this is the location of the first shooting gallery. The only vague description that we have from the challenges list is that it is located somewhere to the east of Wailing Woods. Before doing that, though, we suggest stopping at the cabin or the maze in Wailing Woods to grab some gear.

This is a shooting gallery after all so we recommend at least one shotgun, assault rifle, and SMG (the best weapon for taking out targets). You will need to hurry to this location since it’s right on the edge of a cliff so the circle will close in much sooner here than the other parts of the Battle Royale map.

After grabbing some weapons, head directly east of Wailing Woods to a big tree. Here, you will find the first week 10 shooting gallery location in the J3 square of the map, facing away from the ocean.

When you are ready, step onto the platform and the targets will pop up. Typically, two targets show up at a time. For this one, the targets will be in the center, on your left, and on your right. Quickly find the two available targets and shoot them down to bring up the next two before the timer runs out.

You will need to get those two and at a fifth target to complete the first part of the challenge. Don’t worry at all if you fail because you can retry it as many times as you need to. Well, as many times as the storm will allow you to before killing you off that is. As we mentioned before, thankfully, there are respawns in Team Rumble so that shouldn’t be a huge problem for you.

Fortnite week 10 shooting gallery locations: Retail Row

fortnite week 10 challenges fortnite shooting gallery locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

After completing the first set of targets, you will need to leave or complete the match. Only then will the game give you the next objective. The second task is to visit a shooting gallery located north of Retail Row.

Remember, you don’t want to immediately land at the shooting gallery in your next match because you need to have a weapon to complete it with. We recommend that you head to Retail Row first and grab whatever loot you can get. This shooting gallery is a little easier than the last one, and even less hard to find so you can grab any weapon you can find.

When you are ready, head north of Retail Row. The exact location is in the middle of a small but dense forest just north of the town. It can be hard to see it from the air as the thick trees hide it.

The second shooting gallery is located in H5 square on the map. It’s in the thick trees just south of the road and north of the hills. These targets are much easier to get so you can use whichever weapon you prefer. Just like before, we need a score of five or more to continue.

Fortnite week 10 shooting gallery locations: Paradise Palms

fortnite week 10 challenges fortnite shooting gallery locations
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With that finished, you can either leave the match or see it through to the end. You are now ready for the third and final part of this week 10 shooting gallery challenge. This is much harder and more challenging than any shooting gallery we’ve done before now.

Before you head to the shooting gallery, make sure to gear up for the action. You can do so at Paradise Palms or its nearby buildings. We highly recommend that you grab an SMG, sniper rifle, and a scoped assault rifle for this, if possible. This is a very specific type of gallery that makes using other weapons like a shotgun nearly impossible.

When you are ready, head east of Paradise Palms to the cliffside. The last week 10 shooting gallery challenge location is in the J8 square on the Fortnite Battle Royale map, right on the edge by the ocean. There, you will find the circular platform to activate the targets and you might also notice that they are way off in the distance on another cliffside.

The distance is what makes this shooting gallery so difficult. You can use a sniper rifle but you will need to have quick aim. Or, you can alternatively use an SMG so you can spray and pray. This can work but will probably take several tries. The scoped assault rifle, however, is a nice balance between the two with range and speed.

Fortnite week 10 shooting gallery reward

Fortnite Season 7 shooting gallery rewards
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Your reward for this season seven, week 10 Fortnite challenge is actually broken up into the three different stages. You will get one battle star for completing the first gallery, two for completing the second, and an additional two more for completing the third, totaling at five battle stars.

Still grinding away challenges before the end of season 7? Check out our previous week’s challenge guide and keep leveling up those tiers.

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