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Fortnite season 6, week 4 challenges: Shooting gallery locations

Who needs a sharpshooter when you have our 'Fortnite' shooting gallery guide

The Fortnite season six, week four challenges have arrived! We are nearly halfway done with this spooky season already (crazy!) but Epic Games still has a ton of surprises on the way for us. This week, in particular, has some very interesting and unique challenges that we haven’t seen before. The hottest of these is the shooting gallery challenge.

The shooting gallery challenge has you practice your firing at the range. You have a total of five objectives to complete, making this task one of the more lengthier challenges. Thankfully, we have some awesome tips so you can complete this challenge in the easiest, safest, and fastest way possible. Let’s jump on our new Quadcrasher and get right to it.

Fortnite shooting gallery challenge explained

Fortnite season 6 week 4 challenges: Shooting gallery locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Fortnite shooting gallery challenge is not as simple as it may sound. In order to complete it, you’ll need the season six Battle Pass that costs 950 V-Bucks or just under $10. It’s well worth tackling for the rewards but it will take a bit of practice. There are a total of seven different galleries on the Battle Royale map and you’ll have to visit at least five of them to complete the challenge . That requirement is more demanding than most Fortnite challenges but it doesn’t end there.

Each of the seven shooting galleries has at least five targets around it. Activating the gallery will raise the targets so you can shoot them. Unfortunately, the targets only stay up for a very short period of time so you don’t have long to destroy them. In order to proceed to the next shooting gallery, you must hit at least three of the targets.

Fortnite shooting gallery challenge: general tips

Fortnite season 6 week 4 challenges: Shooting gallery locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

While the Fortnite shooting gallery challenge doesn’t sound so bad, hitting the targets is actually really hard. For one, most of the galleries set up the targets differently, making some much harder to complete than others. In addition, the time you have is so brief that you basically need perfect aim to complete it. As such, there are certain weapons we recommend you use and others you absolutely shouldn’t.

The weapons you shouldn’t even waste your time with are the assault rifles, pistols, SMG’s, and of course, sniper rifles. Any weapon that is slow, too precise, or has a long delay between shots is not ideal for the season six, week four challenge. Instead, you’re going to want to rely on the trusty tactical shotgun, heavy shotgun, any machine gun, and other fast firing weapons.

The fast weapons like the miniguns are useful because you can basically spray and pray that you hit the targets. With so many bullets firing at once, it’s pretty easy to hit one. Unfortunately, these are typically only found in supply drops and occasionally chests so you’ll need some patience to find one. The shotguns, on the other hand, are plentiful and useful for a different reason.

Fortnite week 2 challenges season 6
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The targets in the shooting galleries are very small and require near-perfect aiming. This can be really tough for all but the best shooters in Battle Royale, especially if you aren’t playing on PC. The shotgun has a much wider area of effect so you can generally aim quickly and still get the shot.

As for what mode you should play this challenge in, we would normally recommend the 50 versus 50 like last week’s timed trials challenge but Epic Games removed the mode this week. However, not all hope is lost. This challenge can actually be completed in Playgrounds mode and can be completed by yourself or with up to three friends. You can also cheat and have them help you shoot the targets while taking turns.

In Playgrounds, there are respawns and an hour to play along with every chest available. This means you have no enemies (other than traitorous teammates) and deaths to worry about. You also have more than enough time to complete five of these galleries in one single match. Now, let’s get to the five galleries that are the easiest and most recommended by us.

Fortnite shooting gallery locations: Risky Reels

Fortnite season 6 week 4 challenges: Shooting gallery locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The very first gallery we’re going to hit up is the one in Risky Reels in the far northeastern corner of the map seen in the screenshot above. What you are looking for is a sign with a target on it and an activation pad. Take a look around you and see where the dormant targets are laying before activating it.

For this spot, you’ll find that all the targets are located right in front of the activation pad in a straight line. This is by far one of the easiest of the Fortnite shooting galleries as a fast automatic weapon can sweep across the targets with ease. A shotgun works well too, as the range isn’t too far. You need to hit three targets in order to move on.

First, two of the targets will stand up when you activate it. These are always random so you have to act fast and think later. You have a very short period of time before they go away. Thankfully, shooting both targets down will activate two more and give you more time. To complete this, you will need to take down the first two and at least one of the new ones to move on.

Fortnite shooting gallery locations: Paradise Palms

Fortnite season 6 week 4 challenges: Shooting gallery locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

From here, head far south to the edge of Paradise Palms. The second shooting gallery can be found right near the border between the desert and the rest of the Battle Royale map. The specific spot we need is just northwest of Paradise Palms and south of the Retail Row corrupted area.

It’s located on top of a hill (a trend as you’ll see in a bit) so you’ll need to create some ramps to get up. This gallery is really easy as well, as all of the targets are spread out in a circle with you in the center. All you need to do is turn around in a circle shooting the targets as you see them. They’re also really close to you in this one so aiming isn’t super tough.

Fortnite shooting gallery locations: Fatal Fields

Fortnite season 6 week 4 challenges: Shooting gallery locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For our third Fortnite shooting gallery, we are going to travel southwest near Fatal Fields. This spot is on top of a hill to the west of the Fatal Fields, between the fields and the unnamed warehouses. Like the last one, these targets are in a circle around you so use the same tactics as before and you’ll be good to go. Decide whether you want to use a shotgun or automatic weapon and turn around in a circle until you’ve shot down three targets.

Fortnite shooting gallery locations: Dusty Divot

Fortnite season 6 week 4 challenges: Shooting gallery locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Now it’s time to head back up north right near Dusty Divot. This fourth Fortnite shooting gallery can be found on the edge of the crater, northwest of it. It’s just to the west of the big collapsed warehouse. It is also located right next to a large toppled semi-truck. Take a look at your surroundings and you will see that this one is similar to the very first one we did near Risky Reels.

The targets are in a near-straight line right in front of you, only a short distance away. You can try to use a shotgun for this one but the range just barely reaches the targets so it can be difficult. As such, feel free to grab a minigun or something similar and blast some bullets all over the area. When you’re ready, activate the targets and go wild.

Fortnite shooting gallery locations: Greasy Grove

Fortnite season 6 week 4 challenges: Shooting gallery locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The fifth and final Fortnite shooting gallery is to the northwest of Greasy Grove. It’s located on the same mountain as the Viking village so head there. Approach the mountain from the Greasy Grove side and follow the road that leads up to it. Just a short distance up the road on the eastern edge of this mountain is the final shooting gallery we need.

This one is a little strange since it’s on a downward slope and it can be hard to find the dormant targets without activating. Essentially, there are just a few targets here that are in pairs directly in front of you. They’re actually some of the closest targets, to each other and to you. This makes this objective one of the easiest to complete.

For the final gallery, you’re welcome to use a minigun-style weapon or a shotgun; both work perfectly here. When you’re ready, activate and let loose on the available targets. The close proximity means you won’t have to waste as much time aiming at the other target like with previous locations. Finish this and you’ll have completed the season six, week four shooting gallery challenge and earned yourself 10 Battle Stars.

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